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Do You Know..

MM must ask if you wish rep/companion at meeting, and arrange if you state yes. Failure to offer/arrange is breach of procedure.

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If you lied about why you were absent, will this result in disciplinary
I understand returning employees who were previously been shielding on the 12 week scheme are expected to sign a disclaimer form before they can return - what rights are they potentially signing away and is this a legally binding document?


Don't know if this has been asked before.  Been ask to move my hours but straight away I will loss money. I can't  move unless I cut my hours which I can't afford to do because of childcare problem.

Can they force me to move my hours
Rate company behaviour so far during this pandemic.

Please try to take a rounded view rather than a purely personal view.
Can anyone confirm.  Can a Friend/family member do your shopping as your are vulnerable do your shopping using your discount card. with proof of ID of the person your shopping for.  eg  Passport/utility bill/colleague clock in card.  Im sure i have s...

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