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New Inflexibility System

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We have been moved onto this new system and wondering how other sites are coping with the inability to split runs and add extras to other runs?

We have had drivers takes out two Reaches but that only works if they are taking out the whole of two small runs and needs someone else to be "allocated" the run and sign in to download it.  Not best IT practise to allow the driver to use a Reach under someone else's name.

My thought was to do the extras on paper and the shift runner / Duty Manager sorts out signing off the deliveries with any refunds on a Reach when all drivers with any of the extras have returned.

Mind that was my second thought.  My first thought is unbroadcastable in polite company that they could go live with this with such basic functionality missing.

There should be 1 manifest and that's it.
If you are pulled over and ask to present the information for your load how do you think it will go if the manifest doesn't match what you're carrying.
This should have been made clear in training but I know it isn't.

Extra drops should be plotted on and a new maninfest printed  but given that having worked with well over 59 delivery agers now  not a single 1 knew how to do it.
So there is the rub.

Refuse these extra drops and take them off the van  anything else isn't following your training and the slippery shoulders of Tesco will make you take all the blame should anything go wrong, protect yourselves.

Stand your ground, use the union  if you have any good reps, fight back using their own rules

As long as you have manifest info that accounts for all the load then you are OK.  In this case it could mean the original manifest with the manifest info from the extras stapled to it which show the weights of each delivery.

Unless someone knows different?

It'd a legal requirement to have a single document detailing exactly the weights on the good on the vehicle being transported.
It should also lay out how it's been loaded, its how the system ensures that we don't put a wheel or axle overweight while remaining within the MAM.
It's why nothing should go on the van that isn't factored into the manifest, and it's a drivers offence  not a commercial one meaning you as the driver get the scale 3 fine.
There is a legal requirement to be able to show this.

If they want to actually merge manifests they can, but good luck finding a manager who can do it  its actually easy, an inspector should be able to read the manifest and know what you're carrying where, so if for example you had something you are not allowed to deliver they can isolate and track it quickly, it a requirement under the 1988 Road traffic act.
And we all know how little Tesco know about the road traffic act  what with the mass breaking of it for decades.

 That is the point though.  The new system does not have the functionality to move orders and merge manifests which the old system allowed you to do.

Does the law stipulate that the single document must be produced by computer or does it allow for the old-fashioned physical cut and paste way to produced a single document.


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