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Author Topic: Picker performance  (Read 21591 times)


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Re: Picker performance
« Reply #75 on: 22-11-21, 04:07PM »
If they take you into the office then just give them a written list of all the reasons why you can't be held fully responsible for your pick-rate. Here's some ideas. Having to stop to help customers. Mapping incorrect so it takes you a lot longer to search for many items. Time taken to walk from your initial scan near dotcom to the first item/department. Customers and or staff blocking aisles so a lot of time is not actually spent picking, but waiting around for people to move out of your way. I'm sure there are other reasons but I've not picked for a while so can't remember off the top of my head. If and when they remove those barriers to you hitting their wanted pickrate then they could potentially have a reason for giving you a talking to or taking it further. Unless they can do that, tell them it's totally unreasonable to bully you about things that are out of your control. If they're still not happy, tell them to try to take it as far as they want and you'll see Tesco at a tribunal where a sensible person can decide that Tesco are asking for something that's unreasonable to achieve consistently. You have to nip that type of c**p in the bud and then they'll try it on with someone else who they think they can get away with harassing.


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Re: Picker performance
« Reply #76 on: 22-11-21, 06:20PM »
All of the above reasons given, will be answered that the pick rate has been determined as correct and has been calculated as achievable by HO!

Any 1-1 meeting take a COPY of YOUR questions, clearly marked as COPY, and hand it to your manager, so you can both go through them together  ;) 
You too can ask a manager for a 1-1 meeting at any time to discuss concerns and issues you may have, it’s a two way street.
You ask when the mapping of the store was last completed, by whom and was it signed off as fully done?
Any other questions you wish to ask, write down your managers answers, clearly in view, on your copy just “so you can refer back to them at a later date if need be”.

Pointedly ask your manager if they honestly believe the pick rate, given all the distractions and obstacles faced on the shop floor, is fair and achievable, taking into account the conflicting picking ratios of the fruit and veg section in particular?

Ask if your pick rate is deemed below the section average? If yes, request support from that manager to accompany you on the next shift, to highlight where you may be below standard…you also choose the pick, not your manager!

If you honestly believe you are working to the best of your ability but feel your being fobbed off, clearly announce you’d like to request a capability study, as it’s clearly a case of Conduct V’s Capability.

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Re: Picker performance
« Reply #77 on: 22-11-21, 08:00PM »
Also in our store we are told if a customer asks where a product is we have to take them to it and when there if the shelf is empty, scan with inform app and if there's stock go in warehouse and find it.  Which if your picking near bakery and they ask for napkins on other side of the shop it can end up being 10 mins to go find.  Try finding someone of non food or getting into the warehouse in our store.  Nightmare.
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Re: Picker performance
« Reply #78 on: 22-11-21, 09:48PM »
That's why I never bothered to download the app; if a customer asks for something, I can just tell them we don't have it and apologise. ;)