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I see Drummond street, Rotherham branch have started checking customers receipts on leaving the store? Apparently to spot check on shoplifting…so do their customers get the choice of having their receipt printed or not ???

NO…discriminates and suggests their branch have light fingered customers!
YES…kind of defeats the object!

Receipts have always been optional. This move will just irate customers and cause some not to return. Receipts are proof of purchase primarily for returns, while they can be used for other scenarios,  this shouldn't be one of them.

I can see the Area Manager reprimanding the SM if it was his decision over this. The amount lost in sales and better shrink prevention will outweigh the amount of shoplifters caught.

And that's not to mention customer service scores going down the toilet.

We are told and the training says we are not allowed to stop people on suspicion alone you have to have done the whole SCONE thing. So this sounds like the store has a shrink problem and is trying to rectify it by doing this, wait for all the complaints to pile in.

The receipt, if the customer has taken one, belongs to the customer and no staff have an automatic right to see it.

If any staff ask to see my receipt I tell them I do not have one  :-X then ask them "now what are you going to do"  :D

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