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Author Topic: Maternity pay  (Read 933 times)


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Maternity pay
« on: 10-10-21, 11:32PM »
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me? I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and starting to think about how maternity pay will work. I have worked out my qualifiying weeks by which my pay will be calculated. When it says you get 100% of your wages for 14 weeks and 50% for 14 weeks does this mean that as I am part time my wages will be cut to £350 per 4 weeks (I'm part time And get around £700 per 4 weeks). This seems very little to me as SMP is calculated at £151 per week?
I'm very confused (although it doesn't take much to confuse me really  :D)


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Re: Maternity pay
« Reply #1 on: 11-10-21, 08:04AM »
Have you informed your manager of your pregnancy? You should have been given a risk assessment for your particular job.
Your manager and people partner are there to answer any questions, they should have sat down with you, concerning your dates etc…if you’re a union member, you can ask your rep to assist.
As an aside, if you are a union member, your subs will be refunded whilst you are on maternity leave, and you can apply for the union one off maternity grant, once you’ve had the baby, it’s not much but it’s yours :thumbup:
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Re: Maternity pay
« Reply #2 on: 11-10-21, 09:12AM »
IIRC they calculate your maternity pay on your wages for the last 12 weeks before you go on leave, so if you were earning 700 each month for the 3 months before you will be paid 700 a month.


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Re: Maternity pay
« Reply #3 on: 11-10-21, 10:58AM »
@Outnumbered5, as a VLH Supporter you can use the 'Search' facility to find other threads/aspects on maternity which may or may not be of interest to you.

Put maternity in the search text box and tick the 'Search in topic subjects only' tick box.
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