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Do You Know..

Lifestyle Break: staff can take up to 12 months off, and on their return they go back to the same job, hours, pay, if no structure changes.

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How long after your leaving day are you supposed to use your colleague card until your new one arrives?
My last day was today (😆😆😆😆) but I don't want to give the ar**holes any excuse to withhold wages etc but don't want to lose out on points.
i had about 7 weeks off with pain in my lower abdomen, returned to work on light duties (my choice to do so), all covered by doctors fit notes for every absence and light duties notes since first being off, have had 2 ultrasounds and most recently a...

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Has anyone heard of new changes happening soon. We had hiring stopped GA and team leaders
Hi I’m writing as a retired Tesco colleague who can’t get much info off the company.
I never got a letter about the 20% off week in December, just found out from working friends.  Anyway is it back to 15% off from payday to following Monday aga...

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Hi, a colleague is off sick due to an accident at work.  She's still in pain with limited mobility. She's due to have a formal wellness meeting. What can she expect? What happens in those meetings?
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