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19-05-24, 09:24AM

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Taking over the whole of VLH

Started by dfl, 12-04-24, 04:02PM

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How would one be able to take over the running of this site and of course the server costs or is it just not feasible ? I have a possible interest In doing so, im not as knowledgeable by any stretch but can see the value this site has in helping fellow employees


I am sad it is closing. It would be great if someone could keep it running.


Agree. It would be good if someone took it over....I wouldn't be adverse to the subs increasing if that helped save the site.


Completely agree, I would happily pay subs to keep it gojng


like I said in the closure thread, I would hope someone would just freeze the site as is, as an archive, even allow to archive it (it seems it's previously been made private for obvious reasons but at this point it seems necessary, it's an important archive of historical and ongoing wrongs that needs to be preserved) so I'm completely on board with whatever you're thinking


Not had any response from admin at all yet, as i presume 1) i need permission, 2) i dont currently know how to "get the ball rollin"


It may be that the best way forward is for you to start again from scratch rather than try and continue with VLH "being under new management".  That would include making it clear that any new site is *not* VLH.  There is a wealth of useful information on here that it would be good to preserve but that is down to LittleNomad as to what they are prepared to hand over for re-publication.  For example, all user information and forum threads I cannot see being allowed to be mirrored on any new site.
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I posted in the other thread regarding skill set & cost of taking over VLH.

VLH Closure Thread

I'm not willing to hand over the website & database to anyone who can't run it properly.
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I have created a fb group with the same name if anyone wants to join


I wouldn't do a Facebook group, people's names... Information etc... Its just one member away from an investigation and sackings  8-)


Have to agree.  I belong to a couple of FB groups focused on work issues but I am *extremely* careful about what and how I post on those.  Actually, I am careful on here too.  I save expletive filled venting for when with colleagues in private away from members of the public and, for when the odd occasion calls for it, F2F with my manager.
"The progress of the kart is more important than its direction"


Aye if going by social media policy then any and all social media groups including WhatsAppand Facebook groups arent allowed, only ones allowed now are qchat - so definitely don't get caught being in one talking about work.. Least with some other stuff it's easier to hide and such but FB just gives everything away  8-)


If not doing anything daft this site does give a degree of anonymity, not easy for any of tesco to link posts to a specific employee


Quote from: Heythere84 on 21-04-24, 06:21PMI have created a fb group with the same name if anyone wants to join
This is a big NO No.


I agree that this forum has the benefit of anonymity - well, of course, people could give things away if they weren't careful, but accounts aren't linked to a name.

What I do think is interesting is that the number of posts seems to have rocketed since it was announced that VLH was closing down / and that new topics could now be created by members.

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