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31-03-23, 08:18AM

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WMTY 2023

Started by General Thorn, 24-01-23, 01:00PM

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I find that regardless of how honest you are, in the what matters to you... they always come up shining.
I never get to go into these meetings as I work twighlight shifts. Managers & store manager like to be gone by 5-6! Also means I never see my line manager, so I didn't feel like I could give positive feedback, where it asks about your line manager!


I ALWAYS to WMTY / EVM. I can't stand that colleagues don't do it. People say "sure they won't do anything about it" and yes that's true, but because these people don't do the survey, and managers get the ones that love it to complete it, your stores go green for it, not red. That's why I encourage all colleagues to do it, they turn their heads when the survey goes red, it affects the SMs bonus.

Of course the scoring for the survey is questionable too, you have to go either "Strongly Disagree" or "Strongly Agree" for it to hold any substance.

The final question of the survey is "Do you think anything will be done as a result", I always answer No. The time we went red as a result of our survey they did actually get us into focus groups to try make our store better, which of course lasted about 2 weeks and back to square 1.

The survey is anonymous, I didn't have to use my login. I do however fill in all the details so it's fairly easy to pinpoint me, but it's nothing I haven't said to Team managers before.

Of course its also not a "I don't like this manager so I'm going on an attack", that'll just invalidate your argument.

In terms of people being asked in my store to complete it, managers will usually ask people who they know will do a good review, we only had posters and tabletoppers in the colleague room to promote it. I try to convince others to do it to give a more rounded picture.


The answers given in WMTY are aggregated so it's impossible to pinpoint who gave a particular set of answers - managers only get to see the overall scores, not that "Person A" answered "strongly disagree" to questions 1-3, "agree" to question 4 and identifies as a lesbian giraffe aged 90+. Obviously it can be easier to pin the textual answers/comments to a particular individual.


Quote from: General Thorn on 24-01-23, 01:00PMJust wondering if all stores get the pep talk beforehand about how great Tesco are and how wonderful your store is?

Amongst other laughable plus points are how we've already received 2 pay rises amounting to more than 8% and how our jobs and wages remained secure during covid lockdown. We also still get told that colleague discount should be added to our wages to show how much we really get paid!

Do all stores basically get the same points raised with a few store specific ones thrown in or is it dependant on the SM?

That 8% is nothing, don't forget you have already lost your 3% yearly bonus that they stopped times that by 3 years and you are now -1% then ask yourself did you actually get a rise ? on the other hand management still get their bonuses.


Managers didn't get a bonus last year. Every colleague got a covid thank you bonus. Apparently tesco didn't make enough to pay the managers bonus 🤷🏻�♂️



Mgrs did get a bonus last year. I think it was 4% , if I remember correctly. 

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