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Crazy Substitutions

Started by the-vortex, 19-03-12, 09:08PM

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Best I've seen, no pregnancy test so subbed for condoms  ;D


The best one going round our store at the moment is

Joint of pork substituted for ........  tuna and sweetcorn sandwich filler

Explain that on a Saturday afternoon when the joint is needed for Sunday lunch


Someone wanted 8 tomatoes.

The handset suggested I sub them with 47 packs of 6 tomatoes.


At asda it subbed toilet roll for kitchen towel and diced onion for chopped carrots,who puts carrots on hot dogs????just send me a onion ffs


Someone ordered 1 pack of roast beef from the counter, sub suggested 11 pks from cooked meats aisle instead.  ??? 

Paupers wage

I have a wry smile when the question of subs comes up, thinking why would you stay at home if fit and healthy and you work at Tesco's leave a basic requirement like food shopping to a third party ie a picker!


@Paupers wage
1-I hate shopping with a vengeance
2-The store I work in doesn't stock everything I want
3-Home delivery means I don't have to make a round trip of 25 miles
4-I don't have to unload the car and carry everything up the path to the door
5-My colleague discount easily covers the pick and pack charge
6-Never in all the years I've used home delivery have I had any problems with items not being available
7-I don't forget anything and don't spend extra on impulse buys
8-It's so worth it for me as a money and time saver

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