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05-12-22, 03:20PM

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Reducing hours

Started by Tazd9t9, 16-09-22, 06:31PM

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Has anyone ever successfully asked to reduce hours? I have a flexi contract and potentially have another job, I would ideally need to drop one of my contracted shifts so i could do that as my flexi one? I know i could also look at other jobs in the store with less hours too but just wondered if anyone had done it?


Lots of people have reduced's just a question of whether the hours/shift/day(s) you want to drop suits the dept?
Definitely don't say that you want to drop to fit in with another job though!
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


They should be fine to suit the dept as im pretty much struggling to get my extra shift as it is though! Surely you are supposed to tell them if you have another job?


Aye...after the event ;)

Get the hours drop first, agreed and contract signed. Then in a couple of weeks, inform them you have another job if you want to, but I'm unsure if this is compulsory, if it's non conflicting with your availability window ???
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


You don't actually need to tell them it's for another job, that bit can be private, you can put it down to stress, family issues what ever you want to be honest, or just say you just want to for "personal reasons"...

You can be honest and say another job, but yeah, there is a disclosure though about market competitors, so if you go into a business as a position that can affect trade prices then that would be a conflict of interest with the company and against your ToS. (found this out when teasing through it), but yeah that's more higher up level stuff / insider information with a supplier etc, and that should be managed,

More on that part with the link lol

So if it's not something game changing your good to be honest.


Brilliant thanks all

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