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07-02-23, 03:52PM

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Started by Tazd9t9, 13-11-22, 11:36AM

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Quote from: madness on 18-11-22, 12:36PMAs a neutral to dot com picking and grocery, chill filling  it does slow them down too much, a few seconds per item over a whole shift means other departments end up picking near the end.
However dot com pickers are the WORST for extra toilet breaks, just getting a drink, standing about everytime they pass their mate in the aisle.
That is where the frustraction from the fillers comes from.

Well pulling stuff forward surely would make it harder for grocery to see what needs filling.

Yes we can go for toliet or get a drink it still costs pick rate though. Not scanning the pick start is no solution because they monitor non pick time.

Talking to fellow dotcommers is essential to keeping morale high.

Mark calloway


Quote from: BobsBananas on 14-11-22, 08:51PMIt does in my store since we got a new store manager; he's obsessed with everything being neat and tidy. Doesn't matter if there's very little on the shelf because staff don't have time to fill, as long as what is there looks pristine.
The night staff have to stop filling at 6.00am, then spend an hour following dot com to face up, which is ridiculous. I'm all for stores looking tidy, but this store manager takes it to extremes.
I think it may get to the point where he keeps the store closed so no one can spoil his perfect little paradise!
That's the modern Tesco leadership mantra - vanity over sanity. They're content with mediocrity as long as they look good whilst producing it. They'd rather look good and lose than look bad and win - it's all about imagery and managing the vagueries of perception rather than dealing with realities but ultimately you can't bank pretty.

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