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Social distancing and face masks

Started by Zoomer999, 16-05-21, 06:01AM

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Thanks both of you.

I'm of the same opinion as you Dippy. I really don't get why we need them on between midnight and 6am. The store is closed and for most of that time, we are working alone. We don't team fill as such any more.. just support on aisles as and when needed.

Brez, that was kind of why I asked. Up until this week it didn't seem to be an issue if a nose was poking out. But we were given a talking to about how we must have our faces covered properly at all times. The weather is making things harder than normal for a lot of my team.

I suppose I just wanted to know if other stores were being as strict as mine, particularly as we seem to be told lots of stuff that isn't actually happening anywhere else.

Thanks again.


If the shop is shut then legally you don't have to wear one.

Someone in head office thinks you should, though.

Some line managers won't enforce it because they aren't complete sh**s. Some do though because the position attracts those petty types.


So your fine mingling without a mask with all your colleagues, a lot who preach that the virus is a hoax? I dunno about you lot, but my life, my health, my family and safety and is more important to me, if rather wear it when with anyone, I don't know what others get up to in their spare time.....

Just because customers aren't thee doesn't mean your safe.... Its no wonder it takes so long for the human population to stop deaths...


Exactly that oldfashinedplayer, but then there is no helping some people, we have about 300 people on site where I now work, masks are optional but while this virus is in circulation I shall continue to wear one, my partner has a number of ongoing health issues and is in a high risk group, no way I am taking any chances. Others can do as they so wish but for now I will keep taking precautions where possible.

Do not let anyone tell you there is not a decent job and life beyond Tesco.


If you're vaccinated, then why worry?  I think they've done such a good job of scaring people half to death that we'll never get back to normal.  I think that's very sad and very wrong because the covid virus and all other viruses are out there and if we don't keep our immune system challenged, we will be at far greater risk.   It's very interesting to see how this lockdown has divided us, I hate it and want to get my life back and yet a lot of others are still so frightened and I can't understand why. 


how do you know who is and who isn't though? just cause "i may be" doesn't mean that someone who hasn't got it yet is perfectly safe... there are many other viruses sure, but the differences are is the implications of this one, the fact that is spreads insanely faster than some others, WHEN have you ever known even TESCO to stop trading or give people time off because of a virus paid? it's a serious one that's adapting and spreading.. and the more that think "oh its fine they are vaccinated" or "oh it's fine we are vaccinated" it's just going to increase the length of time it takes to "get back to normal" as you say.


Well, in that case and with the greatest of respect, what I think you should do is go hide behind the sofa until all risk in life is removed.  Me, I've had enough, I've obeyed the rules, I'm double jabbed but enough is enough.  This will continue forever unless we force change. 


I really tried to resist commenting on this post or about Covid - it's a very contentious subject.

The "lockdown/restrictions" have really got to me. I'm not a massively sociable person - so I don't miss going to a pub 5 nights a week and mingling - but to even have that option still off the table for at least another four weeks is frustrating to say the least.

This is where the rules really don't make sense. Go to a pub and you have to be seated at all times. You can sit at your table without a mask on - but go to the toilet (the only allowable reason to get up and leave your table) and you have to wear a mask!!) - Oh yeah I forgot - some/a lot of hospitality places still have this requirement for "track and trace" - either "supposedly getting you to scan the app" or filling in your name on a piece of paper - but very limited limits on people going shopping - and no track and trace!

And now, with today's news - another four weeks of lockdown - but an allowance for weddings to go ahead as long as "social distancing is observed" - does this mean that Covid marshalls will be attending weddings to ensure?

Oldfashionedplayer comments that the new variant is spreading "insanely fast" - based on what evidence?

The evidence from the Govt is just so unclear - how are all these new cases being spread? Is it people in pubs? Or parks? Or football matches? Or work? Who knows - no one in Govt ever tells us - they just keep controlling us as to where we can and can't go - how long we can do it for - etc.etc.

So where are all these cases spreading? And based on today's new news of new symptoms (very similar to a cold) - are we also supposed to be fearful of the new variant causing harm?

As I stated at the beginning - this is a very contentious subject - so I'm not denigrating anyone or trivialising the pandemic - but as Boris says and has said a number of times - we (as a society) do need to get on and deal with it/live with it.

Yes, people will be hospitalised and people will die - but people have been dying for long periods before anyone heard of Covid.

Sorry - I've not really made much of a point - just general frustration that it's "just another four weeks" (Boris's words, more or less)

And we're still not being told exactly what restrictions may or may not be lifted - especially the question of masks and social distancing.


I caught covid within the last year, and spent time in hospital on oxygen. This is nothing at all like `flu` or `a cold` , the xray from A&E showed the scarring on my lungs (which results in the cough). It has taken months to get well, including triggering of other conditions as well, which have needed substantial changes to address. I`ll continue to wear a mask thank you.


i wasn't referring to the new variant, i was referring to the general variant... you know, the whole reason this started? I agree that a lot of the rules are completely ridiculous, (can't touch family, at the start/ mostly throughout but could happily do that with people you work with) for example.....

can go back and forth on all of the hypocritical stuff, but certain COMMON SENSE stuff should be followed such as "I DONT WANT COLLEAGUES OR STRANGERS NEAR ME", i don't care if you've had the jab, i keep work and personal life separate, less problems... people do lie, so they could have been out, they could be positive and keep working for all i know, i don't know people.. hell some people don't know their families so its respectful decision to use sense and maintain distance and use masks for now...

main things that should of happened and should happen still.

1) Masks
2) Sanitizer
3) Distancing
4) CLOSE THE DAMN BORDERS / focus on the country first.... 


Quote from: taliahad on 14-06-21, 06:40PM
Well, in that case and with the greatest of respect, what I think you should do is go hide behind the sofa until all risk in life is removed.  Me, I've had enough, I've obeyed the rules, I'm double jabbed but enough is enough.  This will continue forever unless we force change. 
i agree they will keep finding some reason to avoid "normality" returning!!! if the majority of people have had 2 jabs then the restrictions should be totally lifted. if people who refuse the vaccine catch it then tough!!!!

lol its me

Quote from: taliahad on 14-06-21, 06:40PM
Well, in that case and with the greatest of respect, what I think you should do is go hide behind the sofa until all risk in life is removed.  Me, I've had enough, I've obeyed the rules, I'm double jabbed but enough is enough.  This will continue forever unless we force change.
So you got yours, and f*** everyone else attitude is it?


As it will stand by the end of today, 80% will have had the first jab, and over 57% will have had both.
And they are now offering the vaccine to the 24 year olds.

We know that we will never get to 100% vaccinated and the first jab and second jab figures will also never match.
We know that the virus will always be around and that unfortunately people will die with it.

We also know that some communities have either refused or not taken the vaccine in large numbers.

So this is a genuine question, at what point will you be happy for everyone to ditch the restrictions and get back to normal?

lol its me

when the scientists say its safe


But how safe?
The virus will always be here and always kill people so how safe from the scientists?
And which ones?
Who, Sage, alternative sage, The CDC or any other government's alternative to them or Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard etc or even Dr Hilary?

We were told the vaccine will free us, the majority of us have had it, yet we are still having restrictions!

It's become quite clear to me the so called experts will do anything to keep themselves relevant and keep the large sums of funding they are currently getting.
I've followed the rules while seeing others ignore them with little to no consequences that these so called experts have set out for us, and every time they have moved the goal posts.
I'll be honest I have no faith that these scientists will declare it's safe anytime soon.

lol its me

 ??? just because you have the jab deosnt mean u still cant get it and pass it on to people who havent had 2 jabs. and take that tinfoil hat off your head its frying your brain


I am definitely in the camp that Morris and Taliahad are in.

And the reason our views are looked down upon are for the very reason that we can never be "completely safe" from anything.

We're never safe driving. We're never safe flying. Let's face it - sleeping has to be one of the most dangerous things we do - how many people "die in their sleep"?

Yet, none of us are banned from sleeping and I'm not aware that many people actively choose not to sleep for fear of dying.

I know I might be exaggerating or oversimplifying matters - but this is what 18 months of lockdown has done - with the genuine fear (and yes this is a genuine fear) that lockdown or other controls on our everyday life will continue or can continue at the "whim" of the Govt/Scientists.

I really don't mean to sound so uncaring - and the 130k deaths over the last 15 months are clearly a terrible tragedy - together with the illnesses suffered by many more, including some posters on here.

To be honest, I delayed getting my jabs because I felt "what good will they do me?" - now I wasn't talking from a medical point of view - because I feel we have to believe the scientists that the jabs will give us a level of protection or immunity - my point of view was "will I be able to freely go about my life, including international travel, if I am fully vaccinated?" - and clearly the evidence was showing that wasn't the case -

Now, I know that this might sound inappropriate - it's not meant to offend anyone - but let's think about our own personal circumstances - working for Tesco -

Wearing masks has only been mandatory since January 2021 (I believe) - that's when the joint letter from Usdaw/Tesco came around - I know they were available and encouraged before that - but that's at least nine months of us working in a high density (no hospitality type limits of six people to a table - ok, I know there have been measures such as one way systems and 2m markers etc.) environment without the "protection" offered by a mask. For the first three or four months, there were no plastic screens on the tills -

So, my point here is that we've all worked through this at the "height" of the outbreak - now we're being "frightened" by a new variant - which supposedly is 80-90% more transmissible  according to the well funded scientists -

Strange how there's no mention of the R number anymore? So important months ago and now barely mentioned.

Very little, if any, mention of "washing your hands for 20 secs" - seriously, does anyone stick to this anymore - or is it back to the norm of most men (generally!) not even bothering to wash their hands at all - this isn't me!! - but observations when I've been in Tesco toilets or other public toilets -

It just seems like we're fed a load of new rhetoric every few months - but very little evidence -

why don't they tell us the results of their so called pilot projects - eg: the Liverpool gig attended by 5000 people not wearing masks - but tested beforehand (negative only allowed in) and then tested again after to see what the results were? - What were the results?

So, we've got 12,000 people a day attending Royal Ascot this week - all wearing masks no doubt and all keeping their distance whilst on trains/queuing to get in - etc.

Not to mention the football crowds etc.

And the crowds at the airports!!! When people were "allowed to go on Holiday" - and then "summoned back at a few days notice" - hence creating an influx of passengers into a small poorly ventilated hall in various airports!!

We're being frightened into believing that it's "out there and it's so easy to catch" - read the local stats - in my area around 30 people in 100,000 have tested positive - now even if there are others out there who haven't yet been tested/asymptomatic who "have it" - let's say it's 100 people - so that breaks down to 1 in every 1000 people who might have the virus -

So, in logistical and statistical terms, in order for me to catch it, I need to be in close proximity to this person for at least 15 continuous minutes - and then I "might" catch it.

If I catch it, it "might" cause me to be hospitalised or I might die.

Sorry - I really don't mean to sound insensitive - but people lived their lives (prior to March 2020) with far greater "risk taking" and not even giving it a second thought.

I hope my post doesn't cause undue offence - it's really not meant.


@ lol it's me, Must be a really difficult question for you to answer if you're resulting to tinfoil hats insults.


'Workers in customer facing roles were five times more likely to test positive than their colleagues in other types of role, after accounting for potentially influential factors, such as the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 where they lived. Those in supervisory roles were six times more likely to do so'.



Wow.. I probably should have said that I am not one of the covid deniers, nor am I an anti vaxer.. and yes, of course I worry about the safety of others.. especially my family.

The official line on face coverings has always been that it does not protect the wearer,  but those around them. So if I work alone for the majority of my shift when the store is closed, who exactly am I protecting?

And don't even get me started on the first 2 hours of my shift when customers are swanning round in big groups all without masks. Days enforced the rules.. come 10pm though it's a different story.

My team has had 2 positive test results in all this time.. one was a manager. We have done a great job of looking after ourselves.. and that was before mandatory face coverings were introduced.

I have honestly never felt so expendable in my life.

lol its me

Quote from: Morris999 on 15-06-21, 02:29PM
@ lol it's me, Must be a really difficult question for you to answer if you're resulting to tinfoil hats insults.
You have had 1000s of scientist telling you the information for the last year, if your not listening now i doubt you ever will


Quote from: lol its me on 21-06-21, 09:14PM
Quote from: Morris999 on 15-06-21, 02:29PM
@ lol it's me, Must be a really difficult question for you to answer if you're resulting to tinfoil hats insults.
You have had 1000s of scientist telling you the information for the last year, if your not listening now i doubt you ever will

Genuinely heavily contradicting information tbf.

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