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Covid positive !

Started by dfl, 10-11-20, 09:41PM

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Had myself and other drivers very unhappy recently as have been mid delivery at customers door to be told that they are covid positive, this should always be on the delivery manifest PRIOR to any drivers arriving, lack of duty of care from tesco towards their staff surely


Wouldn't you just assume everyone is covid positive at the moment to be safe? I would. You don't want to trust Tesco with that information.


Its tesco who send drivers to peoples doors, its tesco by law who have a duty of care to their employees how they do that prior to sending drivers to these door is a matter for them to address, they seem to be making it a general rule again (as if covid never existed or is zero threat) that we should even deliver inside homes


Oh I didn't know about delivering inside homes. That's an absolute no no.


Katarn2000, yip i questioned my manager on it and he was adamant we need to deliver inside, i told him straight i wont do that no matter what he says


You carry out your own dynamic risk assessment.  ;)


Considering that they say the Virus stays alive for hours if not days , I would not only not want to go into the house , I would not even want to take back the Trays , They handle the trays you handle them taking them back ,then you touch other trays taking them to other peoples homes ,take them back ,,, list is endless ,,  Cross Contamination comes to mind and that's against the Health and safety rules , since you would be contaminating every thing ,yourself ,crates ,others and the van  8-)

Had some beds delivered from dreams , and some other things from Ikea and a delivery from Asda all of them said only to the door , no to coming into the house ,which to me was fair since I would not want them in as well ,,,


I've heard that in my store the managers and staff have been deleting the nhs app so they don't have to isolate when it tells them to


I have heard is not fact. It coul be true but you don't know that for sure. Managers are people with families and lives outside of work too. Why would they put that at risk.


Managers in my store told people who had Covid symptoms to come in while they wait fir test results, one of them did, and took half of his department out with contact tracing when he tested positive. They only care about their numbers


Also you say why would they put their life’s at risk? Well let’s be honest how much time do managers spend in their departments and in close contact with staff


It does  matter if MM puts them selves or there families at risk  its there choice , but to put everyone elses lives at risk is Criminal. Just remember  MM from Store manager to team Managers , if you are seriously ill or worse theres always someone else to take up your position.
At the moment it appears this virus is ripping through some  stores but it kept quiet and some risks are being taken by MM it appears , and when everything else is being shut down and infections are still high drastic measures will need to be taken.
just as a side i believe this week Ministers are discussing Supermarket shopping and the inability of them to control /manage the customers.


All Boris will do is, supermarkets could you in force these rules I’m bringing in. supermarkets will say no! and Boris will be like oh well I tried


And too right too.
If the government wants there rules/laws to be enforced then it should be the police doing it, instead of them having press announcements 2 hours after the governments saying they are not going to enforce them.
If the Police Commissioner’s had actually enforced the rules/laws back in March instead of trying to get Facebook likes we wouldn’t be where we are now.
Now if they are unable or unwilling too, then they need to be replaced by someone who will.


Managers can't name the people who are off but they can and have said that we have a case. This is what happened in my store anyway. One person positive, three that worked with them isolated. Mild symptoms for positive person and nosy proms for people who worked with them so all back at work.
Positive person probably not got from work as wider family all popping up at positive too and no other cases in store. It's difficult, if not impossible to say where it is picked up from butifits someone reaching the rules should they be disciplined? I know that this is happening in some stores but if they do for one they need to do for all. Is it enough that someone is positive and been ill, even if mild. Should they get the sick pay for being off as they broke the rules, if it had spread in store and all started with a breach of guidelines and a party should this not be taken further? I think it should be case by case and it's a hard one, just wondering what others think.


Unfortunately, dealing with things on a case by case basis requires a certain level of intelligence, honesty, integrity, trust and empathy.
So we are on a losing wicket already, expecting that from MM.
Given that our management team are still going in and out of each other houses (and possibly underwear as per normal) on a regular basis I think they are in no position to sit in judgement of anyone.


Quote from: dfl on 10-11-20, 09:41PM
Had myself and other drivers very unhappy recently as have been mid delivery at customers door to be told that they are covid positive, this should always be on the delivery manifest PRIOR to any drivers arriving, lack of duty of care from tesco towards their staff surely

This has happened at my store a lot too - one of my colleagues has actually resigned because of it.  Something I find equally concerning is that whenever I have a delivery where the customer has requested tray liners, I stick to the directive I was given, which is to ask the customer to stand back while I put the tray liners down at their doorstep so they can pick them up once I’ve backed 2 metres away. 

The amount of customers who have taken exception to this has been absolutely astonishing.  Some of the things which have happened are as follows.

1). Customers trying to take the liners directly out of my hands.
2). Customers telling me to leave the trays at the doorstep so they can take the liners out themselves, thus defeating the point of the liners in the first place. 
3). Customers moaning about the tray liners being put on the floor “with all the germs”.
4). Customers wanting me to enter their property with the tray liners and take them into the kitchen, despite them being able to do so themselves.   

When I point out that I’m following a directive that I was given and that it’s the safest way for me to work, it invariably gets one of the following responses

1). The last driver didn’t do that.
2). The last driver brought it in. 
3). You’re the only one who does this. 
4). I’ve never heard that before. 
5). I always do things this way. 

I’ve also had customers open the door to me while I’ve been stood there trying to put the shopping down, declare they’re positive on the paperwork but not answer the phone when I get there and open the door instead and stand in the doorway, walk towards me when I ask them to walk away from me... I could go on.

And most concerning of all is the fact that on any given day, I will have multiple customers who have requested bagless deliveries tell me that I’m the only driver they’ve seen spraying down trays which they’ve emptied (and obviously touched) with the sanitiser solution.

I’ve mentioned these concerns multiple times, but has anyone listened...??   Of course not. 


Boris has said recently that when shopping in a supermarket you should only pick up what you intend to buy as this is a source of spreading the virus.


Which is why it is also recommended that you should after carefully removing and disposing of the packaging and emptying the product onto a clean plate or container that you should then wash your hands as per the guidance before preparing and eating the food.
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Tesco store in Newcastle hit with Covid-19 outbreak with dozens of staff off work

QuoteChronicleLive understands dozens of staff employed at the Kingston Park Tesco Extra store are currently self-isolating at home.

The supermarket giant would not confirm the exact number of staff currently off sick, but said that a "number of colleagues" are unable to work due to testing positive for Covid-19.
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