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Been told I will be off 2 weeks unpaid!?

Started by Chambers21, 06-04-20, 09:20AM

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Quote from: Cinderella on 31-05-20, 09:31PM
Quote from: Welshie on 31-05-20, 06:26PM
I thought all Tesco staff and family they live with could be tested now . Surely if tested you wouldn't need to self isolate if negative and should be no argument over paying you if positive.

If you don’t drive, and therefore can’t get to a testing centre, you have to wait for a test to be sent to you. In the meantime, you have to self isolate. If you can get tested, you have to get an appointment slot, which also may not be on the same day. So again, you would be required to self isolate.

Forgot to say, it takes 48 hours for the results to come back

grim up north

Where I work people have had tests, and while awaiting the results, been back at work..


If they genuinely think they have coronavirus, rather than just testing out of curiosity to see if they are asymptomatic carriers, that’s negligence


Not sure if the right post but a manager in our store was tested positive but none of the staff have been told, does anyone know if there is a protocol for stores to tell staff the manager is positive .


They would definitely be required to tell anyone they had close contact with, so they could get tested


From one of the email updates recently.

"Dear colleagues,

In order to help prepare for easing of lockdown measures, the Government has launched a Test and Trace programme in England. A similar programme will also operate in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms is eligible for a test and if this is positive, those who have been in contact with that person, within two metres for 15 minutes or longer, will be traced and asked to self-isolate for 14 days, even if they have no symptoms. It is very important that anyone told to self-isolate, does so, to help contain the virus and reduce its spread.

Initially, contacts will be found by asking the person who tested positive for names of those they have been in close contact with. The contact tracing team will be operated as part of the NHS and any personal information will remain confidential. If traced by the team, you will not be told who it is you have been in contact with, however when arranging a test, you will be encouraged to alert the people that you have had close contact with in the 48 hours before symptoms developed"


Could/should not the conditions given in the second paragraph take out of circulation the majority of an entire night shift ?
Nomad ( Forum Admin )
It's better to be up in arms than down on your knees.


Only if there not following social distancing, if the store is operating by these protocols then  there shouldn’t be an issue


You'd kinda be in contact with them though if working anywhere near them such as the 2m rule anyhow... You could be touching the same stuff, or if they've coughed be walking through what could transfer to you.... So if we went by other countries who have contained it better then anyone in the same shift would be isolating...


I would certainly think night workers in a store if one tests positive then the rest should go into 14 days isolation, anything less does not make sense.
Nomad ( Forum Admin )
It's better to be up in arms than down on your knees.

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