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06-12-22, 04:18AM

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Options / becoming a manager

Started by Siwel123, 06-12-19, 04:04PM

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Stores are still on performance pay and they do have to manage big teams. So the answer to your friends pay is still the same.


A lot people would say there isn't a big enough difference in pay between SL and the minimum for TM in light of the new structure changes, even £25k a year would at least put them at parity with Sainsbury's 2S CTMs.


to be honest TM pay is better because it's performance based. Yes it's s*** but gets better over time if you do a good job. With SL no matter how hard you work it's still bad for the responsiblity


With the real living wage now at £10.90 an hour outside of london and Tesco's habit of at least matching it year on year and giving the same nominal increase over all graded roles except for Delivery Drivers due to shortages, it implies that the next pay review will be at least an 80p an hour increase across all hourly paid roles, for Shift Leaders this means a minimum of £12.76 an hour, if premiums stay as they are, that means Shift Leaders could be paid over £25k a year from next year, if that is the case it would be very hard to justify new starting TMs to be on less than that.


That presumes the business wants to keep the TM role....

Think it's more likely Shift Leaders will run the shift and existing TM/Lead will compete for a limited number of new manager roles.


They'd be hard pushed for that considering the competition have managerial roles with similar responsibilities salaried, Shift Leaders are equivalent to 2S CTMs in Sainsbury's and they're on just over £25k a year, Team Managers have to do rotas, RTWs etc, more managerial responsibilities, those responsibilities are also not in the Shift Leader role pack, they can't add those responsibilities without using manager in the title and increasing pay by a substantial amount.


Firstly RTWs are a SL job to do. ARs aren't. SL can look after departments when they're manager is away on annual leave/sick etc.

Also other roles and responsibilities such as helping with Rotas can be within SL role if required & agreed. There is a clause within the role pack saying that this list is not exhaustive and other jobs may be required from time to time.

Its such a broad role, which has its positives and negatives.


With regards to rotas this will soon be controlled by computer, rather than Team Managers.

Under the new contract, you can be scheduled anywhere instore as the computer will use your availability window to deliver all fill/pick/serve tasks across the store eliminating any red hours.

The days of the Produce Manager (for example) scheduling produce staff to cover all produce tasks will soon be over.


So is the department specific to be removed from their new contract  ???
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


it will be intresting to see what this new system does with breaks,i:e Fred your on produce from 9-12,then grocery for 12-1,then back on produce from 1-6,what about my lunch hour?,oh just go 12-1 fred


This is what it says online:

If colleagues are scheduled to work in other departments during their shift, it's important that colleagues go for their break as close to the set time as possible, and at very least taken while working on the same department that the break was scheduled. Failing to do this could mean a colleague has to take breaks on another department where there is none scheduled. This could leave a gap on that department E.g.

Customer Service Desk could have a gap as a break was not taken earlier in the day on a previous department or worse a colleague does not get all of their breaks.

You can use the Scheduler tablet and MPC to review the break times for colleagues.

Will be interesting to see what happens when checkouts leave service call folk on there for hours on end, even when queues have died down, and people are taking their breaks when they should be filling BWS, for example  ;D


It won't last...there'll be instore arguments going on with the section managers...they didn't get their full quota of help, there was an all hands, their colleagues were called on checkouts so took later breaks, the daily rumble ( or 3) not calculated for etc..etc..
Then the store manager and senior team will override every one of them,  to have their own preferred departments fully covered, totally disregarding the system.

It's the old brown paper initiatives and training scenario all over again!
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


Quote from: lucgeo on 28-09-22, 07:48AMSo is the department specific to be removed from their new contract  ???

 That false you will have your department but if there is need you will work another department


That was a question, not a statement  8-)
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


Bobmay- the vast majority of colleagues will have a job title of Tesco Colleague.

Each will have a primary task (their current department) but depending on how much work there is on that area at the time your scheduled to work, you could be scheduled on other areas you are trained on (secondary tasks).

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