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07-02-23, 02:33PM

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Sunday opting out

Started by ihavequestions23, 21-08-22, 10:15AM

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I really don't see how anyone could be inclined to work night shifts for no additional pay, logically they should have 0 recruits available and rely on agency staff that likely would pay them a premium, supply and demand is heavily stacked against Tesco for night workers as it is.

Topic is Sunday Opt out.  Admin.


Two posts deleted.  Topic is "Sunday Opt Out" NOT night shift.

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Quote from: Redshoes on 24-08-22, 08:50AMWith the longer trading hours on a Sunday it's different for us. We open at 0800 and close at 2200. We have a high level of contracted people on Sundays but even so it can be difficult covering shifts. It's the day after the sat night out that is the issue for us. Premium does not come into it. We do have a bunch of people that seek out Sunday overtime but not enough. Saturday night is far harder to cover, anything after about 1700 on a Saturday are the the hardest shifts to cover.
We do have people who have opted out of Sundays. They do sometimes pick up shifts but not often. For us, the majority that have opted out have done so because of the Saturday night out. I once had a student still on a temp contract who said he had done his share of weekend working so asked me to move his hours. He was taken on to help cover the difficult weekend shifts. He did eventually get off weekends but by applying for a different job within store.

That's how I plan to get my weekends back, working in another department with different hours. Be nice to go out on a Saturday night again


Quote from: Nomad on 24-08-22, 10:34AMihavequestions23 I believe if the majority of your Saturday night shift hours are in Sunday (after 0000 hours) you must be allowed to drop that shift.

Sadly I spoke to my manager about this and he said it's not true, it's the Sunday night. I really wanted the sat off, all I wanted was to drop Saturdays I even would have been willing to do overtime most Saturdays, it's just the odd one I miss out on a lot of things with family and friends. Because I was unable to drop it I decided to move to days and now they've lost another member of staff. Just wish they'd do us a favour every now and again knowing I'd be willing to do some for them.


I think he's wrong. Send an enquiry to ACAS by mail.
Nomad ( Forum Admin )
It's better to be up in arms than down on your knees.

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