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Double Time on Sunday... uh oh

Started by sufRu, 14-01-16, 08:51PM

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Yes, 3% would be "worse off" and hence get the compo payment.
But what % of people would get the "full effect of the much lauded 10.5% pay rise"?
Certainly no-one that works any Sundays or BHs!!
That's the most disappointing aspect of all this - if you're a Sunday worker, chances are you won't get any compo and overall your weekly pay might increase by 3% over two years (compared to 10.5% for any non-sunday workers).
However, Tesco have enough teenagers fresh out of school to call on to work Sundays - so don't think it'll cause them much of an issue - until those teenagers start drinking and have hangovers every Sunday!!
Somewhat generalising here.....


It's 3% in November . I do 50% of my hours on a Sunday. 7.5 paid hours on a Sunday and the same on another day in the week.


Tesco employees are lucky they are getting anything a lot of companies have no premiums and expect staff to work for min wage day or night.


It's nothing to do with being lucky or not. It's part of the contract you sign up to. I applied for a job in a pub once - the interview was in November and it was made clear at the interview that all hours were paid at flat rate - and one of the questions I was asked at the interview was whether I would be available to work on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, NYE and NYD. It was one of those questions that you felt if you had answered no you may as well not be applying.....

However, with Tesco or any other companies, if enhancements are removed whilst you're in post and you have a contract, it's effectively a breach of contract - so Tesco and others offer "compensation" -

Anyway - we've all talked about it enough already - let's all look forward to our huge compo packages and plan our summer holidays in Hawaii!!


Hi..Can someone advise in the simplest way as I'm not the sharpest  :D

I've applied for a job thats Fri,Sat,Sun nights...10pm-7am. I'm a bit confused with regards to night premium and Sunday premium etc.

Could someone advise how much I would get for each individual shift ?

Thank you so much.



Very sorry to hijack a post and sorry if this isn't the done thing but I'm trying to get in touch with the moderators and my messages aren't going through... if a moderator is reading this, please email me on the email I used to create my account!

Thank you

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Time and a quarter on Sunday and 2.21 an hour extra from midnight until 6 am.


Quote from: AlexM on 14-01-16, 09:23PM
They can't take peoples' entitlement to that away, can they? I thought it was part of terms & conditions & they had to pay it?

Of course they can, just have to give you a 90 day contractual change notice.


Quote from: Hammer10 on 23-10-18, 11:42AMTime and a quarter on Sunday and 2.21 an hour extra from midnight until 6 am.

Hi sorry to jump on this I'm just about to start nights myself on Saturdays and Sundays. So can I just ask if I work Saturday 10pm until 7am Sunday morning I'd get '£8.72 normal pay plus '£2.21 night rate plus time and a quarter past Midnight until 6am?


Night Premiums are static. You would get £8.72 @ time and a quarter then £2.21 night premium per hour on top. 


Should have worded that better.
You will get:
£130.80 15.00 hours basic pay.
£ 16.35 Sunday Premium. 7.50 hours- Midnight to 07.00 am Saturday in Sunday and 22.00 to midnight Sunday into Monday
£22.10 Night Premium 4.50 hours each night between Midnight and 06.00 am, plus £2.21 each night for working during full premium window.

The company assumes that all your breaks are taken between Midnight and 06.00 am.


Hi there!  I have off Monday / Tuesday, I work on twighlight (4:00 p.m. -00:30 a.m.).  I noticed that I am not getting the night premium 00:00 - 00:30.  Doing overtime bonuses for half an hour I get.  Is it right?


Hello Moneyrice, I've found this on Colleague Help:

It will also include Night Premium at a rate of £2.30 per hour and is payable once 1 hour in the Sunday night premium window has been worked. If the time worked between 00:00 and 06:00 is less than 1 hour (i.e., 15, 30 or 45 minutes), then the 'Sunday Overtime Day (XSUN)' rate should be used.

XSUN: Using this rate will pay or deduct the colleague at 1.25 rate of their normal hourly rate (inclusive of their contractual skills payment).

So, by staying on for 30 minutes, you're getting time and a quarter but no night premium.

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