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19-05-24, 10:08AM

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Double Time on Sunday... uh oh

Started by sufRu, 14-01-16, 08:51PM

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 Expect bad news soon for people on double Time on Sunday.   :(


Is this to do with the coming pay review in February that we Union reps have been invited to?  I'm intrigued now, don't leave us hanging, actually I've been thinking this was coming for awhile now.  :(


They can't take peoples' entitlement to that away, can they? I thought it was part of terms & conditions & they had to pay it?


Expect a letter in February to double time staff.


I would assume it will be the same as the express bonus they will buy out the double time and you won't have a say in the matter.
Do not let anyone tell you there is not a decent job and life beyond Tesco.


Sudden drop in all the double timers hogging the Sunday rota's  :o the majority of double timers have dwindled in the past, and the only ones I know who do it in my store, are the close to retirement ones, who will gladly accept a buy out, to boost the pension coffers.

Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


It makes me laugh, the people that come up with these changes are probably on mega wages, with no affect to them have no morals and think nothing of screwing over hard working members of staff who have helped this company in the past be the number one retailer in the UK.How about they take a voluntary pay cut or for go their bonus. If the post is true shame on you Tesco.


Seriously??? Does that mean every double timer would get a payout contracted or not??? I've worked every sunday since i can remember yet others dont work sundays!!! Same rules would apply??? We talking minor payoff for major long term loss i assume??? God now im hoping for those redundancys more than ever!!! When do i get some good news dave??? Lol


I would not hold out hope of redundancy at anything below WL3, Tesco won't want to pay out for staff to leave instead will simply cut the staff numbers by not replacing leavers and natural wastage as the company calls it.
Do not let anyone tell you there is not a decent job and life beyond Tesco.


no double I will never work a Sunday again full stop


When Head Office is open 24/7, at standard wage, I will give up expecting premiums for working Nights and Weekends. Until then, if they take the premiums then they have broken my contract and I will reserve the right to commence working Monday to Friday 8-4 or 9-5.

Failure to accept my new terms will be regarded as constructive dismissal......


I didn't think you could do that if they take away double on Sunday bank holidays will be next


It will depend on how many hours you are on and how many Sunday's you work but as someone who does get double time it's not worth it for me to work Sunday as I pay so much extra tax and national insurance I only end up with at most an extra two hours pay for a full day. Others say it's only worth doing if you work every Sunday but I don't want to work six days a week.
Contracted Sunday's are different, I would happily do them. I would love two days off in the week and that us worth it.
This is a long time coming. Saturday used to be premium pay for full-time. Many years ago this ended and people were at first offered a lump sum. If the refused the bonus continued but several years down the line it became forced. Time are different now, I'm just saying this is the way they did it several years ago.


Be interesting to see who refuses to do Sundays if they are only paid at single time. A lot of managers are on old style contracts and if a large proportion decided not to work Tesco could have a issue in managing stores on a Sunday.

Also can't wait to see what the lump sum buyout will be and who it applies to. Can't be fair that someone who works 3-4 Sundays a month gets the same as someone who does 1 or 2 a year.


What about us kids on time and a half, we will be reduced down to single time. It is a win win for Tesco, reduce your pay and more disgruntled employee's and the long serving will be pushed into looking for jobs. If my premiums go, so will my SAYE and will I would probably pout and refuse to buy anything from Tesco.


Buy Out lump sum will be small very small. Some people on days were offered buy outs for double pay OT shift and it was quite small amount so all of them stay with old contracts. Sory but i dont remember exact amounts.
About staff refusing working OT on Sunday - then yes there will be huge shgortage as most of the people is doing it just for extra pay.


It will be interesting to see this approach in distribution and the reaction to it.

Surely it is a consultative change as it affects your pay (if you work Sunday's and have no opt out) it is a reduction to your Contracted pay, it affects all individually which would require individual consent from those concerned.

The point That Hekseth makes is bang on the money, unsociable hours premiums are paid because the hours are unsociable as not everyone is expected to work them.
It is not enough to say that if those that don't work these times had to work these times, they would get the same reduced payments.

To reduce these premium payments for premium time then every department at every location needs to start working this time.

It's all very well, changing pensions, profit share, and declaring a flat nil investment in payroll, everyone has the same rules applied.

Yet to dictate a change that doesn't Apply to them may have its problems.
Any consultation should discuss everyone having to work Sunday if the premium is withdrawn or reduced. If it's just going to be considered a non special premium day ( a normal day) every department should cover that day by shared rotation including the likes of HR and payrol.

I suspect Sunday's will always invoke "A premium Payment" when worked to avoid the above Demand, and the possibilty of Labour being withdrawn from that day wherever it would be possible to do so whether it be by opt out or holiday entitlement.
My Opinion is exactly that, Mine.  Based on my view of what I know , see and what I would do.
"Being a rep doesn't make a person right anymore than not being a rep makes a person wrong " 



A letter offering to buyout certain premiums would be nothing new.

I suggest people wait in order to obtain the facts before entering into a frenzied state of panic.
When all else fails, madness is the emergency exit.


so if they were to offer a buy out for sunday premium this will include saturday night premium past midnight right??


Sat*rday premium no longer exists. Speaking of which, Sat*rday premiums were bought out several years ago, albeit "compulsory" although initially offered.

However, I understand your point, being that Sunday premiums do indeed start from midnight Sunday (Sat*rday night into Sunday).
When all else fails, madness is the emergency exit.

the postman

Call me

Ohhhhh can't wait can I order a new car then  ;D ;D


What is the % of staff on double time still ? And how many on double time work Sunday's , maybe they just wait it out till the staff on double time retire rather than getting rid of it.


Any idea how this will affect people on inclusive contracts? I have to work 13 Sundays a year but get a fully paid day off and premium to make up the double time I'm entitled to.


never had any of this double time malarky in our express! we were only matched to the time and a half a couple of years ago, before that it was a measly £1 an hour extra. Although, we were better off getting the old bonuses - as proved by the number of people who were given a lump sum payment as they were to be worse off in the long run.

my son says that there a few double timers (who are many years away from retiring yet) that always have their names down for sundays and no one else gets a look in! they are not only hogging the only overtime in the shop but making it hell for the duty manager cos they have to manage the shop with less staff cos of the cost. and then they also book lots of unpaid time off cos they make up the shortfall by working a sunday shift. In all honesty, i would do the same if i got double bubble for sundays, and didn't care about having a weekend day off. Even at time and a half we struggle to cover any sunday shifts in our express, no one wants to work.

My son is on the inclusive contract. He has to work 13 sundays and bank hols (total) in a year, with a day in lieu the following week and a premium on his pay. After the 13 are done he refuses to do anymore as they expect him to then work 6 days a week and get paid overtime - he'd rather have the day off!

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