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13-04-24, 01:56AM

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Till Losses

Started by delysia, 06-04-11, 09:18PM

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Thanks for all the replies, since my last posting, the chute behind CSD has been repaired, and they have not renewed my three month fixed term contract I started on, along with two other collegues that started with me.

The reasons were that they had too many hours for the store and had to cut back on staffing costs. Of course they have taken new people on for two other advertised posts, also  three month fixed term contracts.

I know of no business model that says it's good to keep recruiting on a three month basis. After all are the costs not exceeding what they spend on training, uniform, on costs etc.?

Never mind all good life experience, and yes if I ever decide that CSD is for me I will practice all of the above advice. Off to the Job Centre again!


Quote from: Polum2 on 23-06-11, 12:43PM
Thanks for the info,

just wondered as it didn't come up at my training, when blue podding, is it right that only the operator of that till, physically carry the blue pod to the chute?  our CSD chute is broken, so that means a walk to the tills chutes. when I called the cash office to say that I needed to blue pod, and my collegue who had just gone for a tea break refused to take my blue pod, they then sent down a TL from checkouts, to cover whilst i did my own pod, and then she refused to open her till to pay out for a lottery cash payout I had already done from my till. (there is a specified lottery payout till). And she was on it, also she made a big deal about letting the other staff member know this when she got back from her break.

Am getting a bit concerned as now it seems that everyone else is working to rules that I had not been informed of at training.

Any comments please?

Forget all the training stuff.  There is no training to tell you , you cant steal.  Focus on the procedure.  No one should be carrying out till investigations by talking to other staff about you.  As someone else said, ask to see your PM with your Line Manager at the same time.  Send out a message you wont be mis treated.


nope ta for all your responses but....
Our team leader was caught redhanded on camera the second one this year to be caught nickin'


I take it an investigatory interview is the usual process - I've just had one for a short of 189.99 - and it's frightened me as I'm new and haven't done anything wrong!!

Ever ready

Can i ask what type of till you were on and have they actually investigated the till correctly. Just because the till looks like its showing short it doesn't mean it is. It could be an add change error, lottery error, refund error, training mode error, coupon error, stamp error, many different things before they can look at it as theft. How good are your cash office staff at investigating these things, do they investigate or do they just assume?????? There are many options to look at and for them to prove they've looked at before they can say you've taken it. Also bare in mind that any over £30 loss or gain ALL cashiers on that till in that time frame will be sat down and spoken, that is procedure. Its always a good idea to get the till checked before and after you've been on it so that you know that you are the only one accountable. i would also recommend you stand and witness the till check and agree with the figure entered into the till. Hope some of this helps.


Thanks - it's a telecoms till so there's about 5 of us that regularly use it - making it impossible to count before we change. Our cash office staff seem pretty hot - a form was printed out and left for my boss to deal with - but he's on holiday - however I think they've just assumed and investigated which I understand is correct process now after a chat with my union rep and PM. Thanks though, much appreciated - with me being only new I'm not too sure of what the processes are! My PM seems damn good though, and the Union has been a great help!


I've just started as a christmas temp a few weeks ago (loving it, not!) and have already been approached about £44 going missing from my till. The store I work in is an absolute joke of a place to start with and even though they said someone else had been on the till that day too I was quite insulted with the subtle accusation. I doubt they've even considered the fact that they get random people to cover you when you're called to a meeting (and not given time to log off your till, leaving that person logged on as you). A trained monkey could run my store better than these "team leaders" and "managers".


How do you not get time to log off your till, it takes seconds!


Because the store I work in has been absolutely packed recently and half the time they turn up when I'm dealing with someone with a £200+ shop and say "I'll finish, just go". I understand that I should tell them to wait until I've finished so I can log off properly but I've done this once before and was last to that "make christmas a cracker" meeting and was told to wait outside because I was late and they had already started (which the manager wasn't happy about at all).

Edit: I of course know since being asked about the missing money that making a manager wait in future is worth more than there being a reason for them to suspect me and I won't be letting anyone tell me to "just go" in the future until I've finished.


Quote from: dotty on 15-05-11, 04:13PM
is your store on the new cash management system?
yes and we're all suffering not just me


Stores now are being fitted with Cash Drawers that weigh themselves after every transaction. Its a good install but the .ini file uses the same COM port as the customer display. Our pole displays now say 'NEXT CUSTOME ' and 'TOTAL      £1  . 9' when actual the bill is £30 or so. Causing a few issues at the moment with customers wanting to pay the £1.09.....


many thanks for your replies, Now I have a question for you. We have a team leader
who if she doesn't like any one she gets rid of them I would love to know who she knows we have had some very nice competant people but if she doesn't like them we never see them again, how is she able to do this?


When you say get rid of them, do you mean like "dexter"?


Cash office discrepancies don't happen ?? I just choked on my coffee.


Quote from: Rip on 24-11-12, 11:37AM
I was last to that "make christmas a cracker" meeting and was told to wait outside because I was late and they had already started (which the manager wasn't happy about at all).

i hope you got lines to write as well.


Quote from: PapaSmurf on 11-05-11, 01:53AM
1) Request a till check before you sign on and after you sign off.
2) Change your password frequently in case someone is trying to 'stitch you up'.
3) If your password is ever not what you set it as, Inform a manager immediately and have them review activity under your cashier number to identify if it could have been used by someone else.
4) Don't be afraid to ask if you aren't sure on how to process something on a checkout, you don't want an honest mistake to cause a till short.
Can you request a till check when answering an amber call?


We have small cards, red one side green the other, which hang over the screen. red= dirty till, green = clean till. If the till is not green then we refuse to use it as a multiskiller.

I was asked to hop on a red till one day by duty and refused until it was cleaned. Duty decided to make a fuss about this, they only wanted 1-2 customers let away to help, but it ended with the store manager agreeing, saying I was right to expect the till to be clean.

If we do hop on a  green till then when we open the drawer find it is not clean we are allowed to immediately request it be cleaned and have it noted as such, in case there is a problem, but that has never happened me, the TL's do their job correctly and tills are always green....


Quote from: weir-07 on 12-06-11, 06:07PM
Yep, they have to be emptied for the end of week count and re-filled :)

Wut. We do a full count on a Tuesday, not Sunday...


It used to be Sunday for all stores, however this changed and now stores can choose to do it on a day that best suits them!

My store still does it on a Sunday as that is easier for us.


Why am I reminded of the White Tower AND that scene in Casino where the mob enter the counting room to take their skim?
When all else fails, madness is the emergency exit.

Call me

Rip are you still working for tosco  (-*-) with that attitude well  (-*-)


Lol your tl just gets rid of people? They just disappear?

Either she's doing a Dexter as someone else said or she's banging someone in head office as I'm sure even a store manager can't just get rid of someone without a good reason or they open up potentially expensive proceedings should the worker being fired be bothered.


On the topic of till losses... has anyone heard the rumours that individual Tsco stores have been fiddling their profits? Not  just Head Office


Quote from: Tegai on 22-09-13, 09:10AM
When you say get rid of them, do you mean like "dexter"?

Where do you think all the meat for Tesco Burgers now come from? :P

just curious

Quote from: plrgdy on 20-01-15, 12:36PM
On the topic of till losses... has anyone heard the rumours that individual Tsco stores have been fiddling their profits? Not  just Head Office

Almost every Individual store fiddles there profits every quarter with the approval of head office , as it is from higher up that the instructions are given not to do gap scan - resulting in losses showing up , not to record waste - so as it looks like stock is in the business even though it is not sellable , not to do counts on areas where losses will show ( only record the gains not the losses ) , not paying overtime worked properly in the right pay period just so that the money owed to employees goes into the next quarters cost / charges instead of the one it was worked in . Holding back invoices for direct delivery's instead of processing them at the time of the actual delivery . There is probably a few other little tricks and stalling tactics that they use as well  which corrupts / fiddles the individual stores profits ?.
So yes individual stores and store managers are guilty of false accounting by following instructions from higher up which they were afraid to ignore in-case it affected there performance grading and placed them onto an " Amber " or " Red" light ?.

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