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I have been hearing more and more about nights being removed delivery not being done in many stores by people. Night staff leaving not being replaced or being replaced in far less people let's say 10 people leave 4 new staff etc. Ia this happening in your store and have you heard about changes fo nights shift.I heard that tesco will be moving night from the hours we do know for example 10.7 11.8 12.8 to around 3.10. 3.11. 4 .12 etc. I also hear from many colleagues that delivery is far less than before. The ceo has stated that changes are needed for the for the way tesco operates so as an result I wouldn't be surprised if they remove nights.Read More


Hi, I would like to open up a conversation about experiences with using stock moving equipment on the shop floor and storerooms (Equipment like cages and dollies, rather than those big pallet movers)

I'm an engineering design student and for my final year


Read More

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Has anyone ever been a gold step up for shift leader/team support and is it worth it to actually doing the job full time?

Just wondering if there is a PPE policy for frozen, we go in the walk in freezer in just our uniform but also we are only provided with merchandising gloves. I have tried to order the thermal ones from uniform website but they keep getting cancelled....

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I'm transferring to day shift and I'm unaware of my hours yet, but if they ask me to do Sundays I'd happily opt back in, I only opted out to try and get some of my weekend back but I'd happily work a few hours during the day. How can I...

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