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a staff search must not be done in a public place!

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Were being told in our dept because of an increase in people working in it we have to book 75% of our holidays for next year by end of this march or they will be allocated, is this not against the tesco policy and perhaps also against any agreement which...

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Hello if my child has a planned hospital appointment what are my options to take them Thank you


Long story short, I had my bag stolen with my clock card so I had no way of clocking in, so I told the manager on duty straight away. He's my bosses boss, so I expected it would be fine. Then my manager returned and I told him, too. I was assured the


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Hi quite a few members of staff have been asked to goto other stores. Some have been asked to do nights and some days. We don't mind moving to help out. What is the process? We don't want to agree to something then find few months down the line...

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Has anyone heard about job cuts this year. If so what type of stores. Managers? Team leaders? General assistants?

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