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Usdaw Membership increase.

Started by world of their own, 27-06-22, 05:52PM

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world of their own

Received letter this morning confirming contributions rates are to be increased from July 2022.

Direct debit will now be £11.27


Oh! Guess we won't have fish and chips for an even longer time now!


i am thinking of canceling my membership usdaw wont care one way or another but with the £10 saved and the increase in pay and NI threshold increasing in the next couple of months that will make a great increase in my takehome pay


I finally cancelled my membership - I only recently joined (having been at Tesco for 12+ years without being a member). If anyone reads "all my posts" on here - then they would know - but in very summarised form - I was subjected to a number of investigatory meetings for "minor indiscretions" - and felt that I needed to "protect" myself - as it was, the rep we had in our store was "average" at best - and then she left and the only other rep was someone that only worked nights (I worked days) - and didn't ever seem to be available - and then within a matter of weeks, he became a manager - so stepped down from being a rep - I know, in theory, there would still have been the opportunity to get regional representation - but such hassle - and as it was, I didn't have any more meetings etc.
But in all reality, the "final" straw has been this latest negotiated partnership pay award deal - tied with the forced upon us new t&C - regardless of possibly how minimal the changes might be - it's the fact that we are now in a no-win situation with management - whereas before if a manager says "you're not needed on this dept today - but go and work over there" - as least there was a small chance of saying no - now there is none.
And that's tied in with the paltry pay rise - again being bandied about as "industry leading" - whereas the 55p we're getting (eventually) is less than the NLW increase that came in from 1st April.

Also a bit of a faff actually cancelling USDAW - you'd think in this day and age that it would all be online - but you go online and it tells you that you need to phone up. So I phoned up and they say that they need to send you out a form to complete and return - thankfully, this was done via email - but still an unnecessary step!!

Unfortunately, with the "partnership agreement" (whatever it really is!) - the actual point of having USDAW is very limited - and the gumph they try to tell you about the benefits of being a member - does anyone actually use them for all the added benefits? Free legal help sounds good - but I'm sure there is lots of small print attached to that. Can I get free legal help to support my claim against Tesco for unfair dismissal if I decide to "down tools/go on strike" in the light of the latest pay deal/agreement!?! I know it would be an illegal strike and therefore it wouldn't be unfair dismissal - but you get my point.

And as for the pre-pay debit card they keep "pushing onto us" - carrying monthly fees!!!

Rant over.

Paupers wage

I cancelled some years ago after realising it was good money been wasted for no service in return, better to pay for example towards Tesco's retirement pension.
Seems usdaw can negotiate better hourly rates with the likes of Morrison's and Sainsbury's who have no partnership agreement!


Twice I sought USDAW help in obtaining monies I believed knew the company owed me, twice I got no help, I used MCOL(Money Claim On Line) and got what I was owed.
Nomad ( Forum Admin )
It's better to be up in arms than down on your knees.


@ Nomad, MCOL, I've not heard of that, is it for work issues! Sad the UNION failed to Act.


Nomad ( Forum Admin )
It's better to be up in arms than down on your knees.


How do you cancel USDAW Memberships please?? phone number etc


You can find the number on your colleague union board or on the back of your membership card
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


phone number is 0800 030 8030

world of their own

Union subscription going up to £11.61 from £11.27 from July 2023.


Do you know what the part time rate work be?


Scale A is £2.60 going up to £2.68 a week
Scale C is £1.76 going up to £1.82 a week


Biggest waste of money ever.

 They never protect the work force and seem in the back pocket of Tesco. Can anyone say they have seen them persuade the Leadership team to change any restructures/Job cuts or hold firm in any pay negotiations?


My experience of using USDAW was abysmal, they got 3 months subscription out of me before I cancelled it.

Unite is much better apparently (I'm not part of them, but some of my Office Colleagues are.)

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