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30-06-22, 06:09PM

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colleagues card

Started by helpme, 21-01-22, 02:09AM

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How long after your leaving day are you supposed to use your colleague card until your new one arrives?
My last day was today (😆😆😆😆) but I don't want to give the ar**holes any excuse to withhold wages etc but don't want to lose out on points.


You are supposed to hand it in as you finish. It may work fir a while after but it will come up with the "call mr Robinson" at the till at some point and will be retained.
You can join Clubcard and have an app on your phone. Getting a physical card in the post may take a while. You will need to join anyway. You won't automatically get a regular card sent out to you just by laving and handing in the colleague one.


I left at the end of last year. I was told your card will last until just before your last payday. I still use it on my dot com shops and have it on the Tesco Pay app just for badness (no discount though). Never been stopped or queried, not sure if you try using the actual card though


Staff clubcards can be kept now when you leave and simply become a normal clubcard once your processed as having left the company, they no longer flag up as call Mr Robinson when used if you leave, you just do not get discount when the card is used.
Do not let anyone tell you there is not a decent job and life beyond Tesco.


soon as you hand in your notice usually gets cancelled, two of ours handed their notice in over christmas, thought they'd be able to use their card until they left, was cancelled within a few days so they just walked out instead of finishing rest of their shifts lol, so maybe depends how quick or whether they handle it at store or wherever you are lol.


I think I may be one of the lucky ones still have my colleague clubcard and it still works. I left February 2020, manager didn't even have the courtesy of talking to me in my last week because according to them me leaving meant stock control would go to sh*t. I've not looked back since though  :D


Completely unrelated but how do you post on here ?

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Mine stopped working on the Sunday when I left on a Friday, card still worked but discount didn't come off.

smart chick

You have to hand it in as soon as you leave it will get discount blocked


Well guys, nearly two weeks after leaving this shitty company and having told managers exactly what I think about them and their management skills and ensuring they'll never have me back my colleague card still works minus the discount despite being issued a new non colleage card and a new colleague card.

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