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Today is: Sat, 24th Feb 2024
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Welcome 2002 - 2024, is not a Tesco staff forum !
It is an independent forum for Tesco staff (and interested parties).

Do You Know..

you can claim income tax allowance for laundering uniform at home, maybe back dated.

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I got sent away from work as had a phone call informing me one of my pets was being taken to vets by ex partner to be put to sleep. I have since been off sick for unrelated thing but management still counting the pet incident as part absence (i had actually...

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Despite strong disagreement from Usdaw, Tesco have informed the Union of their changed approach to what colleagues should do where they test positive for Covid, effective from Wednesday 24 January.

For some time, company policy has been that staff who test positive for Covid were required to stay off work for 5 days. The policy has now changed to the following:Read More

Late last year our store manager,reportedly recieved a yearly bonus of 60k,we are a large extra with nightshift and dot com.All hourly paid staff recieved a £5 tesco gift card as a Christmas bonus in 2023,another local extra gave all their staff sweet...

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After last years January announcements of reduced management structures and full counters closures. We still have a scratch bakery. What will this January bring to stores. Really can not see how it can get any tighter. This Christmas has been one of the...

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An episode of the Cautionary Tales podcast with findings which will chime with many on here


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