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Backdoor accidents

Started by Chairswan, 18-05-06, 03:49AM

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I'm 28 hours a week over 5 days on the back door.  I've been with the store for over 6 months and only had 1-2 hours training with the other back door man, left alone to do it after that.  Been asking for bronze and silver training since I started and still to this day I've not had it.  Company is a joke.


Ask a driver for a copy of the store risk assessment, most wouldn't mind giving you the copy they have, there's loads of copies held at the DC, you should have a copy of the risk assessment stuck on the wall in the delivery area.


I have a query regarding to a recent back door accident. I asked 2 colleagues to tip delivery and despite being 2 people on back door one ended up with a cage on top of him and a broken ankle.  Now the lad in question did not have safety shoes on and I didn't know this at the time so I fully acknowledge that I should of checked if he had correct shoes.  However the manager has been aware of this guy wearing trainers and also this guy has been working for 4 months and tipping fresh deliveries on nights.  After the incident I was told by another shift leader that the colleague is in fact not trained on back door and has not completed any legal training whatsoever.  Apparently this shift leader has known for a while.

My gaffer gave me a lets talk but I've been told by another SL that I could lose my job or get warnings over this if this guy decides to sue. I'm worried sick about this can anyone shed any light on any possible outcomes.


Tesco are cod!

I have just be waiting on something horrific like this happening. I don't have any sympathy for the managers who allow this to happen.

Why not try to prevent disciplinary issues happening instead of waiting until the last stages and trying to dig yourself out a grave.

I have worked in both large and small format stores and they have staff cutting corners all over the place.

GAs working at backdoor without PPE, people inside cages, dragging multiple cages by hand...

The company try to cut corners and end up throwing away millions when it backfires.

Duty of care :question:


The lad that ended up under a cage had a responsibility to refuse to do the work as he did not have the correct PPE or training,  MM should have ensured that he did.
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Did MM ensure the lad knew it was his responsibility and right to refuse?
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Probably after it was too late

Let's look at the individual issue. Tesco staff have to do all duties due to low staff numbers.

It gets dangerous at times and the LM managers don't care until something happens.

Typical Tosco let's not over-complicate things.


It's Managements responsibility to ensure that staff are trained validated and have the correct PPE required for the tasks they are expected to do within their role.
Staff may not be clued up on this fact, any colluding to this fact and deny this statutory right under the Health and Safety at work act is a breach of the employees trust and Misconduct , for this fact to be highlighted but further ignored is gross misconduct.
My Opinion is exactly that, Mine.  Based on my view of what I know , see and what I would do.
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Hi all. Sorry I am posting my question in an accident thread already made, I what want is to ask someone advice on an accident I had at work while working on customer service desk.  I am worried sick at posting it on here as maybe my manager or co-workers might see it, and I already have low self esteem. I am not sure if someone can privately message me on here and give me some advice please, thanks.

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The best thing you can do is follow your training and report any accidents to the duty manager. They will log them on the accident helpline and a full review will take place to hopefully prevent it happening again.
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