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Backdoor accidents

Started by Chairswan, 18-05-06, 03:49AM

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yeah but if u got nothing in the yard nothing waiting to come in ???

Surley not ???

we have a closed yard in a superstore with gates etc.

"Turn left at this Tesco, straight on till you reach another Tesco, over the bridge to a small Tesco and the Post Office is opposite where they're building a new Tesco"


Yes, they must be worn at all times, in case something turns up, or a dot comedy van starts moving.

Northwich Back Door Men have been renamed TOPS = Tidy Other Peoples S**T


.Comedy ! Tell me about it , i was once a .comedy driver so i know the rule and regs .
We had earlier this week a Bratts wagon struggling to turn round in our yard , made worse by bumhole .com driver refusing to back up and let driver edge out of the yard , when wagon finally moves 10ft .comedy bumhole nips round the back of said wagon into his canopy.
The Bratts driver didn`t see this and had to slam his anchors on when he tried to reverse. I NEVER did such a pathetic stunt when i drove and neither did any driver i worked with , these drivers need a good chiller chat not a nice little chit chat in the office !!

"He that wishes to see his country robbed of its rights can not be a patriot".


Bluemoon you are right the drivers need something as they seem to feel they have some sort of right in the yards they forget without the trucks delivering to the stores they haven't got anything to deliver. I say this about some there are some who when seeing the artic arrive will check if you want them to move and others who push their dollies behind the moving artic and up to their badly parked van and as much as i would like to reverse over them i have to stop and wait.


be posh get your own dot comedy yard lol

"Turn left at this Tesco, straight on till you reach another Tesco, over the bridge to a small Tesco and the Post Office is opposite where they're building a new Tesco"

Little Tinker

Why do wads always try and get there vans up on 2 wheels in the yard while your waiting to tip.[:I]
Yes i can see you, and no you knobber im not impressed with your driving...i think to myself as im waiting to tip. :(
And what is it with the green tray trollies, they've got all the yard but still cant get through, "CAUSE your IN THE WAY DRIVE" well there we are then, just phone dc a mo cause i needed that front headlight that u just took out with the corner of a tray.>:(
Oh yes does the reversing bleeper have to sound like securicor.........
"WARNING TESCOS REVERSING" or would u like the Mr Whippy tune playing, so it might catch your attention.[8)]
Ladies and gentleman wads, the bleeper is for a reason, so is the wait till i finished reversing please.
Your safety is No1, but most of all melons I've heard crush like head bone, please dont risk your life cause we wont know till its to late.
This is just friendly banter:) but i wish wads and store staff would adhere to the rules of back door, no 1 wants to give a family bad news, so please adhere. The reason i worry is when working in panasonic many years ago, trailer backed into a backdoor tipper and crushed him against a stack of pallets, happened when i was on holiday. So when u hear bleeper, or driver politly asks u to hang on, give it a thought :) :)

Opinions are like ars**oles: everybody's got one, and they all stink !!!!!!!!!!!!


Talking about unloading from trailers, it's only a matter of time until someone ends up underneath a heavy cage of drinks or tins, i was taking off a heavy cage of tins whilst i was showing another colleague the backdoor & all of a sudden i had to jump out of the way as it tipped over the flaps then landed on its side breaking a few jars as a result.  If this was an untrained member of staff, they would have tried to hold on to it & end up in hospital for 2 weeks which someone did >:D :-x>:( :(

may the force be with you
even when it isnt!
Now the latest moderator to hit the fold!

I think backdoor men are cream of the crop and i completly agree with the t.o.p remark amen brothers


Welcome to VLH thebackdoorman, i hope you can be a good contributor to this site with that name ;D

Little Tinker

And i would like to take my hat off to the backdoor men and women who stick to the rules. :)

If not for them there would be a lot more fatalities.I am not saying every back door is perfect, far from it.:)

But if every company had risk assesments, maybe accidents would be prevented.  ;)  

And thanks to Tesco staff who stick to the rules at the backdoor............  ;D ;D

3 cheers back door staff !!!!!!!!!!!

To goto the limits go further......if u cant try harder !!!!!!!!!


Hey LT, if only every driver got in my first time then my job would be a lot easier, but as mentioned no store is perfect & every driver is different & have different ways of reversing, i always position myself so i can see your mirrors so you can see me in my not so clean hi-viz jacket   :P   , if a driver asks me to stand anywhere else then i will, if he or she has an accident & im not in his view then i can be liable >:D  i try to give the drivers hand signals when ever i can move back, spin your unit round etc oh not forgetting stop of course:P:-x :o

Little Tinker

I used to be a driver, many many years ago, and 99% of back door staff were flaming great.

I am not being ungrateful, backdoor staff are flaming great...................Normally

Im just backing in.......CS your in my mirror, your in my mirror your in my mirror....cheers psycho im on the bay ......cheers....

Just an example.....No backdoorman,


CANT C U ????




TOO LATE UVE HIT HIM....WHO THE fornicate........

GET your MANAGER.......


Thank god for decent back door staff !!!!

To goto the limits go further......if u cant try harder !!!!!!!!!

Little Tinker I agree the thing is that stores dont see the danger of the accidents I work in store and dont normaly post but today I was in work for 5 and saw a lorry pull into the yard and see night staff taking cages out while the lorry was moving round the yard including managers none of which had hi vis maybe a re training issue

I love my part time hours if I get too jared with work I go home and my kids treat me like they are Managers want want want


i put an ofi in for  cages   yrs ago to put push down brakes on cages to stop them chasing backdoor men or  who ever unloads the trailers to stop the cages crushing them if the trailer is on a bit of a slope or for the  backdoor men  to use chocs to slip under the cage wheels aint it better to waste 2 mins doing this rather than getting chased and crushed  by the cages

wow...he..ha..I've lost the plot..               who dares  wins...dare u go on...u can do it wen u put your back 2 it


Our backdoor has to many issues to list but I will say "It is an accident waiting to happen. Why will nobody listen to me. I've spoken to Managers, senior managers and nothing is done. Our pump trucks are broken, as is the fork lift I can't put clothes in the clothing hold and home and ware presort there delivery right in the line of our delivery route. I have to push cages up a fairly steep slope and often have to take deliveries on my own. I have been informed by a driver that 2 men at all times even on a scissor lift. Our managers deny this.


Little Tinker

2 men on a tail lift, and 2 men on a scissor lift,,,,,,the reason is 1 to help the driver and the other to operate the lift..... ;)

And no 1 but no 1 is aloud to defer from the rules.

The reason for two men, is even though u have got remote operating from both ends of the lift, if something happens ( god forbid ) to 1 man, the driver is not aloud to operate from on warehouse floor or above.:)

H+S im afraid provails :o  ;D

Heaven never forsake's those who try !!!!!!


heard about two peeps to a t/lift deliv.
but not two to a scissor lift.
are u sure that's right? Not that it affects me, I have a dock!

Northwich Back Door Men have been renamed TOPS = Tidy Other Peoples S**T


Correct regarding 2 members of staff for a scissor lift. Sign says must be operated by trained member of staff and drivers are NOT trained so in future DO NOT ask.


Little Tinker

Dilweed, when i was driving i was still asked to operate, and when i refused the look i got could kill. >:D

But on explaining to the mm that i could do more harm than good because im not trained, he shrugged his shoulder and mumbled "where flaming short staffed and your being awkward" :o

Dc got an incident report ready on my return, and i filled it in with great satisfaction. ;D ;D

If your not trained and an accident occurs,, the only answer will be "why did you operate it then"....

Dont do it even if it pe*s people off, your life and somebody elses life is more important than tos*os rule bending.  :D  :D

I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.

The accident that jb66 said about a warehouseman hurt his finger and needed to go to the hospital due to jumping up to grap the pully, same happened at the store i work at, Since then he was moved off the backdoor and on a aisle filling, He was also a union rep !! Great health and safety huh ?

Another accident just a week or two ago a grocery runner was pulling two cages and caught the back of his heel and a huge chunk of skin was hanging off and was dripping with blood and the amount of times that the union rep said one cage at a time.


at the big stores its rare that there is anymore than one backdoor man . They put the call out for people from frozen or fresh to come to the back door and 20 minutes later still they haven't come and so he starts on his own then as the last cage comes off they all turn up . Is there little corners in the stores so when the call is put out they can all run and hide in.??? ;D ;D :D
As for the express stores they are crazy the cages are heavy knackered and badly stacked and one man will try and take it off the tail lift on his own and when you tell him to wait for help they smile say its ok and carry on . I had a gage fall off the tail lift as a young lady was trying to take it off and luckily it just scratched her as it fell but it could of been a hell of alot worse. Somerfields drivers are not allowed to start unloading until their paperwork has been signed by 2 members of staff who will be unloading the lorry and if they try with only one then the driver has to refuse to unload and call transport who then advise the store that if they don't get a second person then they don't get their delivery.


:)i have worked on backdoor for five years but i have never read any where you need two people for scissors lift except for taking off a pallet if you have proof of this i would like a copy so i can make sure backdoor is manned by two trained staff at all times throw h/s

Little Tinker

Scissor Lift Safety Training

As required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, scissor lift operators must be deemed as competent operators.

Competent scissor-lift operators must know not only how to operate the particular class of scissor-lift to which they may be operating but also be aware of hazards associated with the work they have been asked to do; they must be able to operate the scissor-lift in a manner that protects both their own safety and the safety of others in the workplace. It is the responsibility of the employer to establish a worker's competence to operate a scissor lift.  This is done through training and effective supervision.

That is why drivers are not allowed to operate or load cages onto lift, because DRIVERS ARE NOT TRAINED.

Realisticly, if your asked you should refuse, on the grounds of if i cant load them on and theres only 1 backdoor person available, how does he load from below,,,,CLIMB UP >:(>:(

I have tried to find the actual answer, but if you ask the mm for a copy of the h&s rules they should be in the book.

Hope this helps

;D ;D

I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.


The scissor lifts are supposed to be sunk into the ground a bit so when the plate drops to off load the stock it should be almost level, As it states on the sides of the cages (blue segment) use two people on uneven ground or tail-lifts ;)

anymore rsu please


Maggie the 2 man rule is for tail lift deliveries not the normal backdoor of larger stores. On lager stores it is better to have more than one person unloading and in most cases that happens but when you are loading from a tail lift onto pavement then it should always be at least 2 people.
And with the ambient having so many bottles of water on one cage then it needs 2 people as i myself only 2 days ago tried to move a cage laden with to much on it and because the shop is on a hill the cage spun and so i have a sprain in my shoulder muscle because of it.

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