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Backdoor accidents

Started by Chairswan, 18-05-06, 03:49AM

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This topic is for members to mention accidents on Backdoor, preferbly involving people unloading trailers; or trucks involved in incidents at a stores yard.

(i) Please mention nature of incident;
(ii) Any injuries sustained to staff, if they were hospitalised or not;
(iii) Depot the delivery is from (optional)
(iv) Maybe the store it happened (optional)

Please can you make the info as accurate as possible as i'll be moderating this sticky topic very carefully :-[  
Any silly commnets will be deleted! >:D


A Horrible Accident happened in our store.  Im not quite sure how he managed it but... A driver was having trouble reaching the rope for the Bulkhead and A Warehouseman Offered to jump up and get it for him.  He jumped up and caught his finger in between the pully and almost ripped it clean off.  He was in hospital and was close to having his finger removed.  Im glad to say his hand is back to normal and he has decided to move back to another department.  Livingston Depot

A Few near misses, Driver lost control of a value water pallet and it hit the plates and flipped over, I literally had to pull a GA that shouldn't have been standing there out of the way.  

Also At xmas we had a pallet of wine that was made badly as there were no cages left, flaps were down as requested and the pallet was placed on the tail-lift, the tail-lift Bent right down and the pallet fell, we were out of the way but pieces of glass flew past us.


Okay, one day a driver decided to turn in the yard on a sat morning (which means there is no space) on his own.  He hit the cages and pushed over the barrier meaning no-one could leave via dot-com door.  

Another driver also done this and clipped his tail-lift on the wall and managed to unhook the tail lift from the trailer so it was hanging and pullmans had to temp weld it back on so we could get our stuff.

There are loads of sc**pes here and there, suzies snapping off and pinging around the yard but nothing that ever gets reported.  Should have Pullmans on speed dial.

If i remember anymore i'll let you know!


I don't understand the reason for this topic. Why a sticky too?

A Team Leader's point of view.

The Guvnor

It will become clear in time.

The Guvnor (Administrator)
The Guvnor


Living the values

Shouldn't all accidents be monitered, there are lots of other areas within the store which are prone to accidents


I do understand your point values, but i'd like to consentrate on backdoor accidents as a matter of interest ;D


Thankfully no accidents which have involved people being hurt. However, our recent refit resulted in the store becoming 25% bigger & the yard 15% smaller. This coupled with the amount of RSU retained in the yard due to another "great idea" made it very difficult for the drivers to turn. Result being the wall of the warehouse eventually having to be renewed due to regular smacks from the lorries.

This story has been relayed to me from several wincanton drivers I have heard it at least 3 or 4  times over the last 7 years on back doors.

White church a 17 year old lad was told to back a wagon into the bay.
The lad was part time Saturday lad and did has he was told.
The managers went and left him to it.

Untrained, unsupervised and under age.

The lad got his yellow visa caught on a post as the wagon was backing up.
The poor kid was crushed to death.

The driver could not see the kid but still continued to reverse slowly back.
I have told this to the best of what I recall.

I also know of a backdoor man being killed when the Iron Gate fell of it hinges but I read that in a newspaper.

I have also saved a fellow backdoors mans life when a security mounted anti thief roll bar fell of its mounting .must have weighed about 50 to 60 pounds of solid steel .
Pulled him out of the way it made a dint in the concrete floor where it hit about 4 inches deep.
Back doors are a danger but try telling a g.a who goes out for a quick smoke....


Militia, concerning the young lad who was crushed to death: did you know what H&S findings were after the investigation ???

i know that the store in question is called either whitchurch or whitechurch the drivers tell me, its the most ,well supervised backdoor in the company.


I`ll ask for you mate seeing as though i do your wagons , only kidding.
I`ll make a point of remembering.The store you mention is Whitchurch it`s near Northwich way , maybe you could ask Geezer100??

When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber.


The incident you are referring to The Militia was one of about four fatal accidents around the company that prompted the initiation of the Risk Assessments.
Another was at a Poole Store where a little old lady walked behind a reversing vehicle entering a store gateway and was killed, the first the driver knew was when she appeared from under the front bumper.
Another involved a lad that jumped off the loading bay as a lorry was reversing onto it to retrieve a pen he had dropped, again an unnecessary death.
Two more were depot related, one a young Agency Driver was crushed by his own runaway truck in my own depot at the time Kiln Farm, right on Christmas, he left behind two very young kiddies and another was a Security Guard was crushed between two Lorry's I believe in our old Albany depot.
People and vehicles do not mix well in confined spaces, as a Risk Assessor I have seen numerous cases of potential accidents waiting to happen.
I often watch deliveries take place and see the most idiotic practise's from people who think they have a safety shield around them, people tying shoelaces, packing blue trays for the Dot Com Vans,  standing between cages or pallets all when the lorry is reversing towards them.
When challenged they look at me as if I am the idiot, that I have the problem, I hope the next time I read their names is not on the fatalities list, only time will tell.
Risk Assessors whether you love them or hate them have done a valuable job, I believe since we started not one Fatal Accident has occurred in a back door yard area.
Call me cynical but I believe that because that has been so successful for the past 6-7 years Tesco has decided to cut the numbers of Risk Assessors from around 40 to 8 for the whole of the UK and Ireland.
That roughly equates to one Assessor for about 222 Stores apiece, do you still think that the level of vigilance and care will be maintained in the future I certainly do not.
All Staffs please watch your backs in future as there will be fewer others doing it for you.>:( :(

Fail to Prepare.
Prepare to Fail.
Kindest regards.


We at Harlow are told that the risk assessment is only there for guidance.


Guide my bottom. I bet they do not put that in writing Dilweed. Thats why i am very diligent in what i do and get appreciated for my skills and technique  ;)

anymore rsu please


Accidents could easily happen at backdoors as when you are backing a truck onto a dock there is always someone who can't wait and quickly runs across the back and thinks its no big deal but should they slip and the trailer run over them then all hell breaks loose and of course the driver is at fault.The H&S issues are never taken very seriously at some stores and the fault is with poor management/


Nobody and I mean nobody in that office will stick their neck out and make a decision, the onus is always put onto the driver. The stock must always get into the store and on time, that is that.


At Northwich, our bins are 2 big 'skips' in the yard. One sunday the produce lad came out to chuck the waste, No H.V. and when I was letting the wagin go he starts to walk to wards it.
Cue a really p**sed off backdoor man. "STAND STILL". Even the driver looked round at this point. And stopped, motioned the lad to cross safely. He said to me at the gate he will be putting a report in at m/wich to say that staff are just crossing the yard without a care in the world.
Told my senior manager, and he said he woudl bring it up in the managemnt meeting.

Staff wear a HV most of the time now and are careful.
It only takes 1 slip/trip and ure dead.

Northwich Back Door Men have been renamed TOPS = Tidy Other Peoples S**T


Get Tonka to turn round when he walks out , i regretted it when i did it lol !

Superbia in Proelio

I was quite lucky one time, not really with a moving lorry but while unloading a lorry.

i answered a call for the tip and fill team so when to the yard, put on a yellow hi vis jacket and went to unload the lorry (not sure what it was it was a while ago)

we unloaded the lorry and started to fill it up with silvers.

after filling it up i went to remove the side bars off the tail lift when the driver thinkin he had too many cages on his wagon deceided to throw one off the back of the lorry quite close to me, onto the yard with out any warning, if i had walked round to the other side at the time i could have been hit, luckily our full time backdoor man saw this and put in a complaint to the managers about it but nothing ever happened. so sometimes even when the lorrys stationary you arnt always safe.


I've lost count of the number of times i have had to jump back, cos something heavy and usually made of glass comes flying off a cage cos it aint stacked correctly r shrinkwrapped. Oneof htese day's I won't be able to get out of the way in time.

Northwich Back Door Men have been renamed TOPS = Tidy Other Peoples S**T


2 points - first on risk assessments, like everything elese they exist for Tesco to wriggle out of responsibility when something goes wrong. Drivers are told to make deliveries even if it involves going against risk assessment e.g. wrong trailer type, access roads blocked requiring them to approach wrongly etc.

But if something goes wrong the risk assessment is used against them. Same as a backdoor man I am supposed to refuse delivery if there aren't 2 trained staff to tip but I can't do that without facing my managers.

Finally, one Express store I worked at required cages to be rolled off the tail sideways onto a raised platform. One untrained memberof staff having been left in charde of the shift had no choice but to pull a full cage of 2 litre drinks on his own. He slipped between the tail and the platform with the cage on top of him and required a trip to A&E.

H&S were all over the store for about 3 weeks, promised the earth but Tesco vetoed every improvement on cost grounds. Lad should have sued but didn't.

Express - It's a local shop for local people


Brownfish - did the CA in question not sue because of lack of support or was he not aware of his rights may i ask ???


Okay sort of off topic but back door related is it right

even when there is no delivery in the yard or waiting to get in the yard ??? I have done my back door training including refreshers but obviusly being front end it aint been for a while has there been updates ????
if you can help be greatfull


"Turn left at this Tesco, straight on till you reach another Tesco, over the bridge to a small Tesco and the Post Office is opposite where they're building a new Tesco"


CA didn't know better.

Yes - hi-vis in any area where something might reverse out of nowhere.

Express - It's a local shop for local people

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