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28-02-24, 03:24PM

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Toxic workplace

Started by Shnoorum, 25-10-23, 12:06AM

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Tesco have gone down and down during the past 7 or so years and nobody understands how bad they are. The union doesn't care,the health/safety reps don't care,the management and the top dogs don't care but they always manage to keep everything under wraps. I am talking from over 35 years of experience and please believe they do not give a toss!


Have to agree working for the company well over 15 years and easily now this is the worst it's been some of the issues in my store it beggars belief opted out of the union they used to have you're back but now it's plain to see they are in Tescos back pocket so opted out of that pointless waste of money .. health and saftey ha ha ha where's that in store only when it suits if you're in certain managers good books shop floor moving cages moving them massive dump trucks what got pallets on and more if ya face fits trainers are more than ok when certain people have been told u need to wear saftey boots whilst doing the same job a certain few can wear canvas trainers would love to see them catch there feet under a roll cage ... issues with zero security in store staff being spat at spending god knows how long wasted waiting for duty to arrive to help sadly ... it's sad to see a lot of dis heartened bloddy good workers losing interest


as you say, most people live up to my username >:D


Just a little update - sorry to bump the post - I've just reported them to the local council through Twitter. Not sure they'll do anything but it's worth a shot. If not, I'll try ACAS. Thanks for the advice!



Recently left after nearly 10 years due to having to help care for my partner, and sadly my own mental health being affected by a very toxic and bullying staff member who thinks the department and overtime revolves around them.

Management was no help either but I guess I will enjoy no longer having to work all day weekends and help give my partner the priority instead of Tesco.

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