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28-02-24, 04:27PM

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Started by Tazd9t9, 04-06-23, 11:03AM

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Does anyone else have constant problems trying to get through on their store absence number? Ours constantly breaks up, no one can hear you... well even if its answered


Phone duty, if the number is different...your call history will show your failed attempts to contact the store, should they try disciplinary due to being AWOL, your logged attempts prove unsuccessful...oh, and if they start saying you should have kept trying...err! No! They should answer the 'phone! It doesn't state in the policies a set amount of times you should try! If you can't get through...ABORT!
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grim up north

Someone was sacked where i work for phoning in, letting the phone connect, then hanging up, doing this repeatedly. This showing they'd made several attempts to notify work


I think it depends what phone it is being forward to in our store as sometimes you can get through but others it cuts off and breaks up, a manager when i was at work the other day only got the staff members first name as they said they weren't asking for a 6th time so they are aware there are issues


Quote from: grim up north on 05-06-23, 09:53AMSomeone was sacked where i work for phoning in, letting the phone connect, then hanging up, doing this repeatedly. This showing they'd made several attempts to notify work
Feels like they'd be able to take that as a a claim, being that they could argue that they've tried to connect, and due to system issues they aren't able to, I know it's a normal process here for like 3 minutes - cut offor immediate cut off and recall.. So thry could easily argue it's normal process due to bad software - easy payday  >:D


Tried 8 times before it was answered a few weeks back.


Does anyone know how much notice u are meant to be given for an AR I had a letter sent to my home today which I received this afternoon for a meeting tomorrow morning I was u see the impression was 24hr but this was not which gives me no time to sort out any rep etc ..


24 hours notice is the minimum for an AR.
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Quote from: Pansie2132 on 04-09-23, 04:47PMDoes anyone know how much notice u are meant to be given for an AR I had a letter sent to my home today which I received this afternoon for a meeting tomorrow morning I was u see the impression was 24hr but this was not which gives me no time to sort out any rep etc ..
You must give or send the Colleague a formal invite to the meeting, (using the Invitation to absence review meeting letter),
giving them at least 24 hours, allowing for postage time. The letter should contain the date, time and place for the meeting
and inform the Colleague that the have the right to be represented. The letter should outline the company's concerns about
their sickness absence, the basis for these concerns,and explain why you've called the meeting, who'll be attending and the
right to representation. In exceptional circumstances, the meeting may be postponed if a Representative is not available or
where there is not enough time for the representativeand Colleagueto meet and prepare for the meeting, within a reasonable

From managers guide on sickness absence.


There should be a telephone number on the letter for you to confirm the meeting etc.. I would suggest to ring and state who you want as a rep.


Attend the meeting...wait for the note taker and manager to begin...when asked if you are happy to proceed you clearly state NO, and require an adjournment due to the fact that you have not been afforded the minimum notice period as dictated and agreed by Tesco policies to enable you  your right to your chosen representation at the meeting...make sure everything you are saying is being written down by the note taker as the meeting is in progress....end of conversation, no excuses, no offer accepted of alternative representation by a colleague...end of meeting to be signed by all, ensure any spaces between end of meeting notes and signatures have lines squiggled through to prohibit any extra writing to be added after you leave!
End of meeting  :-X
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Just as a side note with AR s  sometime ago( i think around the last pay review time) that it has been agreed with the union that in the last 26 weeks if there has been no other absences and just this period of absence brings the staff member over the 3% attendence reviews should not be held.


If one of my colleagues went over 3% based off just one period of absence it's unlikely I'd bother with an ARM anyway.

Unless it was something potentially long term where agreed support/steps were needed anything short term can be done with the RTW


Do all absences (sickness and unpaid absence) count towards the absence percentage or do they run as two separate types of absence?

I only ask because I had to take a day off last week (I only work one day a week) for a family issue, but I've taken 1 and a half days off since July which have been coded as 'unpaid absence' which does take me above the percentage I think. This weeks absence has been coded by the store manager as 'sickness' and I wasn't sure if it was to avoid triggering an absence review... or whether that's still going to happen regardless.


Only sickness absences trigger an Absence Review.

Domestic absences are different but can be investigated if there is a pattern. etc.

What will happen if the amount of time I am taking off becomes unreasonable?

Ultimately, you are paid to be at work and perform your role, so if the amount of time you are off taking becomes unreasonable your manager will discuss this with you in the first instance.

They will discuss your attendance levels with you and discuss any alternative options available (for example, if you are having regular time off because of a child care issue or because you don't have the right transport to get to work, would it be possible to change your shift or hours to support you), and the improvements they would like to see in your attendance levels going forward.

This conversation maybe documented on the 'Let's Talk Form'. During these conversations your manager will take your personal circumstances into consideration before deciding what course of action, if any, to take.


That's about as much as I could find on colleague help too. It doesn't go into percentages at all, so doesn't give any indication of what exactly 'unreasonable' means. I wasn't sure whether to ask for the sickness to be amended to unpaid absence (I wasn't sick!), or whether to leave it as is.


if it's a family emergency for example (your wife is sick and you have to watch child etc or burst pipe at home) it'll go down like that and it's up to manager at the time to code it as paid or unpaid at discretion, it shouldn't be used often though...

whereas sickness absence is different and your phoning in saying you are ill, compared to someone else, or that you've been told to stay off due to policy (infectious diseases eg. covid / diarrhea etc, list on sickness absence policy of what's counted mainly)

if your phoning in and saying you need unpaid time off to deal with something and its agreed, then no it won't go down as anything on the system as it's just down as unpaid absence as a category, vs sickness which starts a percentile for a possible review if reoccurring.

If you are experiencing stuff at home though like domestic / abuse / divorce, then from policies and such it mainly says to speak with your manager to be able to work out how to proceed going forward about time off / shifts you can do etc.

So depends on the circumstances for "unreasonable" but there are a few absence notes, like in the managing sickness absences on work and pay guide it shows a dropdown for like:

Short term - Cough / cold / sore throat / flu
short term - stress / depression / anxiety
short term sickness & diarrhoea
Long variety etc.


Thank you. Based on that I'm going to ask for it to be amended from sickness as that wasn't the case.


@raven absence is absence unless its pre planned,sickness and domestic,which is what you had,when you phoned in you should of been given the option to take unpaid or  work alternate day or take as holiday for domestic absence,but absence is still absence on payroll just not clubbed together in sicness percentage
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I'm unsure what you're saying by unpaid, as all absence is unpaid for the first 3 days (unless you're an old timer on the old paid contract?)

If you are saying that you were unable to attend and it was agreed to be taken as unpaid absence, then it shouldn't go on your sickness %, as you weren't sick

As other posters have clearly described should have been offered  taking it unpaid, shift swap or working the time back! It shouldn't be added to your sickness %! It shouldn't be grouped together.

If it becomes a regular occurrence in that you're not able to attend, you will not be able to take unpaid indefinitely, as you're not fulfilling your contract. A "supporting your attendance" meeting would be arranged to discuss going forward.
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For domestic things I think they have the option of paying you for your shift depending on your reason for the absence (I've had an hour paid absence previously).

I have never been given the option of a shift swap, holiday, or making up the hours when phoning in. Back in July I had an issue with my key getting stuck in my lock at home leaving me unable to lock my door so I was late half a shift due to having to wait for someone to come out and sort it. When I phoned in for this I myself suggested coming in the following day to make up the hours (which I did) and it appears as unpaid absence and overtime on my shifts... so I presume it is still recorded as absence despite me making up the time.

My two most recent absences were 5 weeks apart; both family related but completely different reasons. Full shifts missed though as a result (and I only work one shift a week).

Thanks for your time and advice  :)


We code the absence as Unpaid and then pay the shift worked to make the time back as overtime in my store. This is so that domestic absences can be tracked to see if there is a problem.


if you do run into a lateness problem that you think will take an hour or a few and you'll be in for your shift, you could notify that you'll be late, you'll still be paid for it as it's a requirement and policy to pay for lateness, just don't make it a habit to be honest...


Hi. Does the cancellation of extra hours shifts contribute to your absence percentage?


brg no it doesnt.

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