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28-02-24, 04:06PM

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Wage deductions

Started by radaghastly, 11-01-23, 01:21PM

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45 hours overtime is minimum 450 quid,so 300 quid for a month isnt right
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Quote from: SpaceMonkey123 on 08-02-24, 03:37PM
Quote from: Kezza77 on 06-02-24, 08:11PMI don't know if I'm posting in the right place. My daughter has just received a payslip that has £600 deducted due to retro -69 hours of holiday pay? She thinks these are holidays throughout 2023. It has left her with £300 for the month, after working 45hrs overtime plus her contracted hours. This seems a lot to take out of one pay slip, even if it was an overpayment.
Has she changed her hours recently? Normally holiday deductions are when colleagues take more holidays than they are entitled too
if they changed their hours though even on a full 7.5 hour shift thats 9.2 days of pay... (9 days + 1.5 hours), so if you assume they were doing 5 days a week at the company between 5 years and 10 years, then without personal day and the part hours) its 32 days and then would of gone down to 3 day working and they'd of lost 10 days holiday as that brings that out to 22 days...

but then even factoring overtime as above said without premiums thats £495.90, (before tax), so call like £400/450 as said too, thats still £100/£150 missing on the overtime and if they did drop down to the 3 days, they'd have atleast 12 days of contractual pay, so thats £991.80 (before tax etc), so there is definitely a huge  mess-up somewhere.

Advice would definitely be to submit a wage query with colleague help and your manager (information says should be reviewed within 5 working days) and since it should be atleast £100 underpayment this is what information says:
QuoteShould your underpayment be in excess of £100 or where you tell us that this places you in financial difficulty and you cannot wait until the next pay period, we may use an ad-hoc BACS payment to pay you sooner.

Ad-hoc BACS payments must be authorised as follows:

Up to £1000 by a WL3 Manager (Large Store - Store Manager, Convenience Area Manager or DC Manager)
Over £1000 by your Director (Regional People Partner in Distribution).
For Colleagues paid via Work & Pay the authorised approval can be provided by raising a colleague help query including the approver email as an attachment on the ticket.

For those colleagues who are not paid via Work & Pay, these approvals should be sent by email to the HSC Payroll team Please search Pay Queries Non-Exec on the internal email directory.

Ad-hoc payments will not be processed without the valid approval email.

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