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job cuts?

Started by Vinny1985, 11-01-21, 04:01PM

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Has anyone heard about job cuts this year. If so what type of stores. Managers? Team leaders? General assistants?

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Blimey!! We are all trying to get through the pandemic!!! Without worrying about our jobs!!!


I know. I hope tesco wouldn't cut jobs after we all worked so hard for them. But I want to know if anyone heard anything at the same time.


I've not heard anything and, given the current climate, it's not fair (in my opinion) to speculate on people's jobs.

We know we've worked hard throughout this pandemic but we also know it means nothing to those who've not had to face the constant challenges day in, day out....  ???

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Any jobcuts will be leaked by the Sunday papers in the next few weeks as per the last 2 years.
Don't expect the pandemic to make any difference, it didn't help the bakeries when they were shafted last year.




A little of topic but has anyone heard of a new superstore management structure that's being trialled?

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Well first of all remaining xmas temps will go (we kept 4 out of 6).
Tesco will release 3Q financial results in 2 days time, it should give us a hint where we stand.
For now i heard that just xms temps cost 15M over budget so it is one reasons to seek more cost cuts in the nearest future.

Regarding superstore structure change i would be happy to see Lead Manager removal on nights (atleast our store) (-*-). Cost to much and does literraly nothing. 2 CAs would cost same money but atleast work would be done so we could gain on slightly higher sale (customers don't want to buy more dust from empty shelves) and lower cost as OT would not be needed.


Team manager or lead manager? Team manager on nights would be about the same as 2 night team cas on 30 hour a week contracts, lead night manager would on on closer to 50k a year, that's about 3-4 night shift cas.

From what I can see, the whole lead manager layer at superstore formats is unnecessary, there's no reason why Team Managers can't report straight to the SM. Or at the very least a DM role being made to funnel all departments to rather than 3-4 Lead managers.


Our superstore has store manager,one fresh manager one front end manager 2 shop floor managers,compliance manager combined with stock,pid assistant manager in limbo job gone,pfs  manager job gone in limbo customer service manager has left job of shift slaves and talk of team support going not confirmed.Its a joke I work in stock control which is a joke now anyway.The store has lost its spark thanks to all the cuts they haven’t finished...... and they don’t give a s*** which is mutual I will add.


Front end restructure is due. Not sure on what the details are. SM has let it slip. Wouldn’t let us recruit active vacancies on heat map because of it


Only extras or stores designate with high volume Dotcom operation will keep the Lead Night role......all other Lead Night roles will be taken out of the structure.
From what I’ve seen some stores will drop to 2 Lead Managers with the Ambient Lead having responsibility for the Nights Operation (although will have Nights Team Managers) FT and PT reporting to him or her. The Structures were discussed with SMs in October, with a hard copy of the proposed structure (flow/chart/hierarchy).
Fresh Food Team Manager role will absorb the Produce Team Manager role. Already the Bakery Managers have picked up more fresh responsibilities.
I believe February will start the consultations/selection process, based on the usual, (end of year, met, missed , exceeeded targets, absence etc etc.

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How does this work in  a non dotcom store with 1 day lead and 1 night lead? Do they lose the night and the day have full 24hr operation


Bakery cuts part 2 my bet  and manager restructure with no redundancy on table


I think possible cutting of pi hours, most of the time we don't have enough to do. We tend to fill at least half a shift every night!

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Bakeries will be completely part bake soon. Get rid of last few skilled bakers.


Superstore formats are still too top heavy compared with their convenience counterparts. Too many chiefs not enough indians, plenty of labour effective streamlining to be done, they should get rid of lead managers bump up the salary slightly of team managers and have 2 shift leaders instead of 1 team manager, team managers can do the old duty of lead managers (drink costa all day, occasionally put out stick and feed back to the SM) Shift Leaders actually manage and everything else stays the same.


I don’t know of a single lead manager in Superstores that have actually completed a Duty shift since the last restructure, Extras I know they do, but not one in a superstore on my group.
And from speaking to other TM at various conferences since 2015 the majority say the same.

While there’s movement in Superstores regarding TM’s it should be more to balance out the workload.
How HO can justify the workload of Checkout Managers having anywhere from 40-100 colleagues, yet have a Produce manager in the same store only looking after 5 is beyond me.
There is definitely a imbalance between Frontend managers workload and Replenishment.

Anyone on here excepting a manager cull will be sadly disappointed I believe, as most managers will take redundancy given half a chance and HO know it.


Quote from: Davethebave on 13-01-21, 08:43AM
Front end restructure is due. Not sure on what the details are. SM has let it slip. Wouldn’t let us recruit active vacancies on heat map because of it

Think your SM is on about the PFS going single manned that was announced in the Summer, where HO no redundancies for affected colleagues, just moving into main store.


There has still been nothing mentioned in our store about single-manning in pfs , no mention of any changes in pfs and our pfs is still 24hrs .


I wonder if wage clerks will be next with the plan of work and pay in all stores this year


Quote from: Welshie on 13-01-21, 07:22PM
There has still been nothing mentioned in our store about single-manning in pfs , no mention of any changes in pfs and our pfs is still 24hrs .

All depends on where you are in the order of works. Phase 1 and phase 2 have been completed. I have no idea of how many phases there are but it's still rolling out. First you will know about it is when the equipment starts coming in. The PFS site shuts for a week for the CCTV to be fitted so there must be some notice for that but once the CCTV is in place the PFS is ready to go to new structure.

Pfs girlie

We are in phase 2 only had cameras fitted over 4 pumps to allow overnight  trading again .cameras  fitted during 2 nights .now 24hrs again no mention of going single manned  .we are a superstore.


All stores are different. It all depends on trade and routines.


Apparently there will be a reduction of managers and they will be introducing team leaders, if your store stops trading 24/7 1 night manager to go, consultation start Feb

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