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Welcome 2002 - 2024, is not a Tesco staff forum !
It is an independent forum for Tesco staff (and interested parties).

Do You Know..

if your break gets interrupted it resets to the beginning again. So if you get called off of your hour break after fifteen minutes to tip a wagon you restart the hour not the remaining 45 minutes.

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If you are dismissed due to your inability to return to work due to ill health , are you supposed to receive a letter informing you of the decision to terminate your employment.

Is it now normal or has always been normal to be given a lets talk when you take holidays on short notice due to a parent being ambulanced and admitted to hospital for which i was off 2 days, if so would i have been better off just being absent (domestic)...

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Hi all does anyone know if you need to have your Attendance review meeting within 7 days of your welcome back meeting. My welcome back meeting was 9 days ago. Am i right in thinking if it wasn't then it's out of process? and /or do they conduct...

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Hello all, do you pay pension payments on your lieu of notice pay (PILON) I am awaiting my wifes finalpay docket to be posted out

Hi all, just started working at a DC after over 30 years in a totally different industry and I'm having a few issues working out my wages. For the last 30-odd years I've worked as a price-worker and as such, our pay packets used to come with an attached breakdown of all the units etc we had claimed in the previous weeks so it was easy get everything to tally. However, now I'm salaried I can't seem to get anything to add up !Read More

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