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Do You Know..

that drivers' medicals are paid for up to a max of £90 to the age of 65.

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I have. Or at least I had but finally got to the bottom of the problem using my Samsung mobile. A bit of delving yesterday and I have come across what appear to be a new setting in Samsung settings to control messaging short codes with it by default


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For those who've been off with covid recently how long was it before you went back?

Hi guys, just looking to see whether you guys can now see whos booked a shift on the extra hours market? Im skilled in a few departments and have booked a few day shifts coming up as opposed to my normal nights, the first time i did this (months ago)...

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No doubt this new wonder system won't include hours for the 2 rumbles we have to do AM and PM in our store.

QuoteThis new thread started by Admin as the topic rumble had 'infected' another non related thread. Nomad

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Hi All.

Quick question, if I have holiday in the next 4 weeks should I have holiday pay on this pay slip? Last time i had hol was on 3rd amd 4th feb and it was on the 3rd of feb pay slip.

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