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Author Topic: Pay Increase 2021  (Read 20356 times)


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Re: Pay Increase 2021
« Reply #100 on: 13-01-22, 03:26PM »
Unfortunately, rather predictably, the trading update today was not accompanied by any "good news" for staff - I had a look at the early comments on OurT@sco, and it appears they all mentioned this lack of "thank you or a bonus" - I do agree with the race to the bottom - but it does seem hard to understand. Hey ho.

General Thorn

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Re: Pay Increase 2021
« Reply #101 on: 13-01-22, 05:04PM »
A manager in Lidl gets about £12 an hour.  Retail has historically been a poor paid sector.  What do people expect.  Inflation is not 6% either.

We are NOT Lidl and Tesco used to be about £1 over the minimum wage when I started.

 Retail may be a poorly paid sector but Tesco wages have been going backwards in real terms for a long time. Tesco have made vast profits because of our combined efforts and also because of the pandemic but still they plead poverty when it comes to paying us appropriately. I'm sure you'll notice that senior management and above do not have any problems trousering their enormous payrises every year but grudgingly offer us crumbs that we are meant to be grateful for.

As for inflation not being 6%, well it's not far off that. Maybe your bills are not going up by much but I would say everybody elses' are. Prices in store are going up by an awful lot more than 6%, mortgages/rents are rising and don't start me on electricity!

I live in a very cold part of the country which is all electric. When I read about the increases coming for the 'average' household I'm actually quite envious as I'm already paying that and more. Goodness only knows what kind of increase I'm going to face.