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Author Topic: News articles  (Read 183474 times)


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Re: News articles
« Reply #675 on: 31-12-21, 10:14PM »
It’s all down to forcing in fresh stock deliveries. The fresh team is undermanned, on too few hour contracts, so not enough time to clear or condense the back stock cages, leaving the fridges crammed!
Fresh delivery is sitting in the yard or warehouse for hours on end, while staff try to clear spaces in the fridges! All hands is hit and miss, as the company prioritise IDQ and one in front, above replenishment and adhering to the cold chain rule!

The continuous beeping of the checkout drowns out any questioning of rationale…the grabbing barstools in the hierarchy are blinded by the £ signs and their big bonus…let the minions on CSD deal with the backlash from the irate customers, who’ve had their festivities ruined with diarrhoea or food poisoning from their rotten food!  >:( >:(

And then when they push the bird in front of you nearly gipping then say "smell this it's off" well bugger me I could smell it when you walked in the store these are the genuine one's it's the ones who come back with just the receipt and then say I had to throw it away and demand a manager that know exactly what they are doing wanting cash only, and then they get it and more, little off turkey subject but one of the managers in our store once paid out for a new carpet when a customer had said they dropped a bottle of wine on their carpet ? they did show him an empty bottle of red wine and he caved paid for the carpet and the wine if I remember correctly around £500 plus wine £4  ;D ;D ;D


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Re: News articles
« Reply #676 on: 01-01-22, 09:39AM »
We once had a bloke, who had his jeans ripped by a collapsed trolley…they were obviously a high end brand expensive pair, which he had disposed of and had no receipt!

It was part of my then role, to communicate with the customer, I was instructed by the GSM to send some Tesco high value goodwill vouchers to the customer, by recorded delivery with the Royal Mail. The customer insisted that there were no vouchers enclosed on receipt, and the envelope was not damaged or tampered with on delivery  :o :o

The GSM did ask if I may have dropped them, but wasn’t accusing…he cancelled the voucher codes and sent more himself!!

Lo and behold, a few months later the customer tried to use the vouchers that he insisted he hadn’t received  >:( >:(
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Re: News articles
« Reply #677 on: 09-01-22, 01:51PM »
Love how when anything like this happens people are "mortified" a bit of an over reaction to a self serve till having an incorrect age restriction set up on it.

Do not let anyone tell you there is not a decent job and life beyond Tesco.

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Re: News articles
« Reply #678 on: 13-01-22, 07:28PM »


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Re: News articles
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