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Do You Know..

if people can not change shifts, then they should be paid for hospital appointments.

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Hi, 2 days ago I told my manager that my Girlfriend has some symptoms and that I would like to get tested as they offer on sight tests and told them that I did have a little bit of a saw throat

They told me that I cannot be tested if I...

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Have currently been off sick, I have sick notes to cover my time off. I had a wellness meeting last week, offered occupational health referral etc.
I now have covid, I’ve spoke to the store, sent in all relevant information.
Was sent a l...

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Hi, yesterday a manager accused me of using the ladies/disabled toilets which is absolutely disgusting.
Today I'm writing a grievance and they told me they have camera footage and also written reports, I know I have not done this whatsoever and ...

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Hi guys. Can I request a copy of a let's talk? I'm putting in a grievance and need one for evidence. 

Im struggling to understand this, im not contracted for saturday or sundays and as christmas day and boxing day falls on those 2 days this year then surely im entitled to both the Monday and Tuesday off and yet they have me on rota for working...

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