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Do You Know..

reps legally can speak in a meeting with managers on your behalf.

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How many people work on your meat & dairy section? I'm sure we don't have enough people. There are usually 6 of us in from 5 unil 9 to do everything.
We have no night team so we fill in the morning. It's madness trying to fill whilst dot com are...

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Two of the front-end team leaders in my store have recently had to take leave due to stress, there have been many a tear shed on our department recently. Our team leaders are told it is there job to process holiday requests and overtime resource...

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Hi guys. A disabled customer has wrote an official complaint about a colleague and his manner towards her. A manager spoke to her on the phone but that was over two months ago and nothing has been done. The customer has had no other communication...

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So, how's everyone finding it  :D
Anyone had experience / thoughts on think 25 with the now common use of facemasks?
(Specifically, disciplinary scenarios).
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