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Hi London based twilight worker. When our deliveries come in some of them are labeled delivered Monday to be worked Tuesday. We are all being forced to work all of them. Some people have 2 and 4 extra cages to work.  It's putting pressure on staff. T...

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Can anyone tell me where the policy is for changing a colleague's hours please? I believe my contracted hours have been changed without consultation which I know is against policy but I'd like the actual policy to throw at them!
 I have found th...

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I've been off for about 4 weeks from work with a suspected hernia, had manager contact me regarding changing to another job, the word temporary was used, I'm currently permanent staff.

What are the risks (being sceptical) of accepting such...

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Heard today from an Usdaw rep that there is a cull of office staff and people partners on the agenda, anyone else heard about it?
I thought my media career would be stuck in the mud. Applied for a highly sought after course in media in Jan. Didn't think I'd had a chance. They just told me now that I have a place and it's starting in September.  It will be every Saturday and Tue...

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