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23-05-24, 04:16AM

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Pay review 2023

Started by person7, 05-02-23, 02:55PM

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I think they will reduce the night premium instead of being 2.30 an hour to 1.70 an hour extra and that is if they don't remove it fully.


Why would they remove night premium?


Quote from: Bobmay on 19-02-24, 03:23PMI think they will reduce the night premium instead of being 2.30 an hour to 1.70 an hour extra and that is if they don't remove it fully.
seems a bit random to reduce from £2.30 to £1.70.


They struggle to recruit for nights as it is so i very much doubt they'll reduce or remove the nightshift premium.


part of the recent Lidl pay agreement was an increase to £3.50 an hour for nights?

"The discounter is also introducing a bank holiday premium of £2.00 per hour and will enhance its nightshift premium to £3.50 per hour, whilst also extending the timeframe in which it is payable by one hour."

Whether a direct comparison with Lidl is reasonable enough I don't know.

Anyway - maybe someone can help me here because I have no clue on our figures:

Firstly, didn't T*** reduce the "time duration" for when night premium was payable recently? Is it now midnight to 6am?

Secondly, purely from what I read on here - surely the amount of night shifts across all stores must have reduced significantly over the past few years given this drive to twilight or day filling? Or has that all backfired and we're back on nights again?

So if it is the latter - then the cost of night premium for T should be falling (given reduced volume) - so not too much of a cost pressure?

And for BH and Sunday - given the introduction of no premiums for new starters from July 2022 should also see a reduction in the cost of paying these premiums (esp. if they are kept to a fixed amount - currently £1.87 an hour for Sundays) should also be falling as more new starters fill these shifts - even more so if they have been "encouraged" to include Sundays within their contracted hours.

It sounds like it's a done deal on the Pay Deal - so why the delay in telling us?

Duff McKagan

Can't see them reducing night premium, recruitment and retention for nights is already difficult, reduction in night premium would impact on both with even less people applying and existing night staff moving to days or other employers with better premiums. They reduced the number of hours for which night premium was payable a few years ago now from 10pm - 6am to midnight to 6am so I can't see them reducing the payable hours further.
If they want to reduce night premium costs then they will just reduce the number of stores with night teams again...though how many there are left now is anyones guess, can't be all that store still has nights but many of us are only there waiting for the sweet release of redundancy should it ever come.
Rest assured though, they won't be giving us a pay rise in the region of £1 an hour without cutting something... Sunday premium seems the most likely candidate to get trimmed in my view


It's all he said she said atm Tesco just need to announce it I work in a extra but know people who work in diff stores but listening to what union rep has said in my store she's adament it's 12£ a hour but at sacrifice of premiums we wait and see but a diff union rep someone else spoke to reckons a staggered pay rise from April to 11.60 then Oct/nov 12 a hour but then premiums have gone... I'm sure last years announcement was made in Feb so why the suspense till march


I'm not sure whether it was last year or previous, but wasn't there some sort of "leak" and Tesco had to rush it out - felt like longer than a year ago though.
Yes - it does seem weird that unless negotiations were still ongoing that there would be any delay in announcing it?
Albeit Tesco's financial year end is the end of Feb (maybe 26th bizarrely?) - but that really shouldn't have any influence over anything?
I have a feeling it is going to be a staggered increase (again) - if only to give us notice of any change in premiums.....just means "everyone" (people who don't work Sundays and everyone else) will "suffer" for another six months (i.e. getting paid 40-50p per hour less than competitors) and then in November (ish), it will fall heavily on those who work Sundays - but no doubt over a full year, the impact of no premiums for five months (together with the 60p increase from April and a further 40p in Nov) will mean you are no worse off - so no one-off payment!!

However, I have no clue - I only go by my gut and what I read on here -we don't even have a union rep in our store anymore!!


Regarding Night Premiums, I'll personally say they will increase it for colleagues this pay review.
Why you ask, well they are increasing it for night managers, and for all managers they are also increasing the notice period for leaving from 4 weeks notice to 13 weeks from 24th March.
If it's not been briefed to managers today, expect a brief tomorrow.
There is another part to the brief about Managers Bonus too.


4 weeks notice to 13 weeks notice!!
That is some jump.
I assume they will be getting financially compensated to agree to this change in their t&cs?


Only through the annual bonus scheme if you want to call that compensation, and Tesco will have to give them 13 weeks notice of termination of their contracts instead of the usual 4 weeks too!
They are to accept it, there will be no new contract to sign.
As one of the managers said today, what the F*** have they got planned for us later in the year!


There are Tesco-Esso fuel sites that require 24/7 operation. They won't reduce night premium as supply and demand prevents them from doing so.

If they were to get rid of any premium or make it less generous, Sunday premium would be first on the chopping block.


im sure they are working on a way to get rid of sickness pay for the first 3 days for long time serving members of staff as well,no doubt it's only a matter of time before usdaw screw us out of that as well :(


In terms of staff benefits (sick pay from day 1 being one such benefit) they are all up in the air. Over the last few years' pay reviews, T's stance has almost gone 360 degrees. A few years ago they were trying to tell us how great our overall package was incl discount, pension contributions etc and that it added another 50p-£1 to our effective hourly rate. Then they stripped out the bonus and trimmed premiums because they stated staff were more interested in a higher base rate of pay or moreover that that was the easiest element that could be compared to working for a competitor.

So it is only natural to expect that if that trend continues then any "extra" we have could get "amalgamated " into a higher base rate of pay. I have been fearing for a few years that our store's location pay would be reduced or removed. I think only the two new London rates they introduced last year would remain.

Of course, the farcical nonsense of the above strategy is that based on the NLW increases, our base rate of paynwould have gone up by 30% ish over the last four years without any of the reductions they have hit us with!!


13 weeks notice for managers is harsh if looking for alternate jobs elsewhere,what employer wpuld want to wait 3 monthes,plus thats 3 monthes of the manager thinking i cant be bothered anymore
Tesco Finest Karma,best served bent over💩


Exactly my thoughts. Surely it ain't morally right to make someone who wants to leave to come in as normal for the next 3 months.

People leave Tesco for a variety of reasons not just for other jobs often due to either poor health or family commitments. Good luck trying to manage someone who has told you their health is such that they are willing to leave, who is made to work their notice and does F*** All over the following days/weeks.

Other concern I have is, is this change potentially signalling a change in the current enhanced redundancy package for long term employees. 3 months pay for all managers would be a lot cheaper than the current package for those with long service.


tesco use to be a good company to work for once upon a time, but no longer the case,its work force will always bear the  brunt, to sum it all up into one word ?( profit) tesco is about to hit every one with a  big bang and we just dont know it yet,


4 weeks or 13 weeks, doesn't make a huge amount of difference. There's no incentive to make someone work their full notice.


Yeah isn't the legal thing only like 1 week? The say also depends on contract etc but wouldn't it be more a courtesy to the company... Your helping them when you give them notice, screw the 13 weeks, 4 is by far enough, no company is going to want to wait 3 months for you to transfer over in my opinion if you want a job with them.


Would give them the courtesy of 4 weeks and be up front about the fact I wouldn't be working the full 13


Why is everyone making assumptions that it may go to 13 weeks?


Quote from: fatlad on 20-02-24, 03:07PMWhy is everyone making assumptions that it may go to 13 weeks?
It's not an assumption, express SM had a call regarding it last week and I've got home today to a letter detailing changes to the bonus scheme and notice period change. Confirmed, 13 weeks notice both ways


what are the changes to the bonus scheme?


The point of extended notice periods traditionally was to aid in the replacement of the resigner, most professional industries have a notice period of anywhere between 1 to 6 months depending on seniority, and industry, 3 months plus usually being reserved for senior managing consultants and above and 6 months at VP level and above.

Extended resignation periods are primarily to help the business manage the effects of supply and demand as well as allowing the business to be more meticulous about recruiting for more senior roles that involve greater strategic oversight and capabilities.

For Tesco, it make no sense for it to apply to Team Managers and above, maybe for WL3+ managers, Superstore Store Managers/Area Managers should be able to be adequately replaced in 1 month.


There are a lot of team managers who could be replaced in an hour, never mind 3months. Bonus scheme is also a joke. Never mind the peasant skivvies GAs who are doing all the work. Oh yes I forgot - USDAW apparently conducted some kind of vote and GA's were in favour of sacrificing the bonus scheme for a better hourly rate. Which we are still waiting for.

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