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Privilege card for life

Started by skyray, 19-12-22, 12:56PM

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Could someone advise me.  My husband sadly died 4 days after he retired on his birthday last week. He was 66 and that meant he qualified for the privilege card for life as he had worked enough years. Will I get this benefit passed down to me or does it make a difference that he was actually retired when he died albeit only for those 4 days.  Many thanks


My condolences.  I hope somebody can give you good advice.
Nomad ( Forum Admin )
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Ditto Nomad with condolences for your loss.

I've had a look at policies on OurT3sco, and it doesn't look particularly promising - albeit there is not an example of your exact situation.

As you suggested, if he had died in service and satisfied the criteria (length of service + Age = 80+ years) then you would have got a discount card for life - assuming you lived at the same address:

Should you pass away whilst in employment with Tesco and at the time of your death your age plus service is equal to or greater than 80 years (and you have a minimum of 5 years' service) or you have at least 30 years' service, you would be eligible for a Colleague Clubcard for Life, which is transferred to your second cardholder upon your death if they are your spouse/partner residing at the same address.

This also assumes you are currently the "second card holder" (i.e. a discount card in your name, based on your husband working for Tesco).

It's a bit unclear on your particular circumstance, but it does confirm that once someone leaves employment for whatever reason, the second discount card is no longer valid - even if the employee qualified for a card for life.

Colleague Clubcard for Life holders are not eligible for a second card. If you have previously ordered a second card, this will automatically be cancelled within a week of your last day. The Colleague Clubcard for Life will be automatically issued in your name and cannot be transferred into the name of a spouse/partner.
And the last bit above does state it cannot be transferred to the name of spouse.

One possible route for "compassion" on Tesco's part might be the following:

The correct codes should always be used when processing any colleague as a leaver. They will ensure that a Colleague Clubcard for Life is automatically issued for a colleague if they are eligible and meet the criteria. The card will be sent to the address we hold on payroll, within 2-3 weeks of the colleague being processed as a leaver. Only these codes will be considered as being eligible for a Colleague Clubcard for Life.

The Tesco Executive Committee may approve an exception to this policy if on the colleague's final day of employment, their age and service on that date falls within 364 days or less of the eligibility criteria. Your manager/People Partner can raise an exception request on Colleague Help.

So basically this states that if the criteria for a clubcard for life isn't met - but is "close" - then the Tesco Exec Committee may approve an exception to the policy.

Whilst your situation isn't this, it might be a possible avenue to approach the manager of the store (I presume) and see if an exception request can be raised.

They also offer a "one year" discount card - so this is what you may be offered.

Hope this helps a little bit.



Just carry on using it or ring Clubcard and get second one for yourself... they don't need to know he past away


My deepest and most sincere condolences on your sad loss.

By my reckoning, the store will be aware of your husband's passing, as colleague friends will have undoubtedly heard.

Did you have a second card whilst he was employed? If so, I'd play ignorance here, as the last thing you need is to be accused of fraud by knowingly using a discount card you're not entitled to use.

You aren't obliged to inform them of his passing after he's left the company, so as far as you're concerned if they send you a second retiree card in your name, then they're giving the impression that it's ok for your sole use! Unless the T&C's accompanying the new cards state that notification should be given in the event of the main card holders passing!

The pension dept will be in contact regarding his company pension, and there will be shares he'd have had, that'll need to be passed to you. If your husband was a union member, and still had a final wage to be paid, then he was technically still a union member as his subs would be deducted at source, so there is a SMALL death grant that should be paid to you.

On a side note, was the date of your husband's official retirement the same as on the day he left, (retired) or was he taking final leave entitlement  (holidays) making his official retirement dated after the 4 days of his passing?? I ask for a reason, I'm hoping it's the latter ???
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