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Pay Review 2022

Started by yeetus, 29-03-22, 08:30PM

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Quote from: Prince of Darkness on 23-01-23, 03:27PM
Quote from: barafear on 23-01-23, 12:31PM
Quote from: NightAndDay on 23-01-23, 09:32AMSlight correction on my part, it wasn't Tesco that mentioned the cost of living aspect, but USDAW, going by RandomWorkers earlier comment quoting

"Over 90% of the bank's workforce,
those who are likely to be feeling the greatest impact from current cost of living challenges, are eligible for the increase which was effective from 8 January 2023"

Lots of "payments" like this have barely changed - in terms of the fact that they haven't been increased in line with the base pay rise (%) -

for example, until recently, the night premium had remained at 2.21 for years and has recently been increased to 2.30.

But location pay has not changed for a number of years - I know they changed the bands about 8 years ago (I stand to be corrected) - so I believe there are four bands at the moment - including the zero band!!

So I think there is something like 5-10p an hour, then 45p an hour and then about 98p for "London" (for example) - these actual amounts have not changed for at least 8 years.

Equally, Tesco can remove these at any time with little discussion.

So don't rely on location pay if you get it!!

Whatever the perceived benefits of the NLW, it has created a "squeezed" remuneration scale - meaning supervisors/shift leaders/lower level management are on not much more than a GA!!

The skills payment for Shift Leaders etc has not changed in 5 years. I challenged the USDAW national lead on this, who said there was no demand for it to rise! Guess they didn't ask anyone who is paid it ...


Apologies - some of my info about location pay was slightly incorrect:

Taken from OurT:

Location Pay
It's more difficult to recruit and retain colleagues in certain areas, so some stores pay an additional hourly amount called Location Pay.

This additional payment is reviewed annually and it may be increased or removed based on changing market conditions in each store's location. Colleagues will receive 3 months' notice of any reduction in Location Pay.

There are 3 location pay bands:

Band C: +68p per hour (typically London and surrounding counties)
Band B: +45p per hour (typically stores in the South East)
Band A: no location pay (rest of UK)

Night Premium

If you work between midnight and 6am you will receive a night premium of £2.30 per hour.

If you work a full shift overnight before midnight and after 6am who will receive an Extra Night Premium payment of £2.30


Night premium was £2.21 an hour at the tail end of my nightshift career in 2016, 7 years later at it's only gone up by 9p, in fact there was also the night premium 1 and 2 structure where you got £1.50 an hour extra (I believe) for working hours 10pm-midnight, so overall night premium is not only less in real terms now but even in nominal terms. compared to 7-9 years ago.


I struggle to see how/why Tesco will continue to pay many of these premiums within the next two years - let alone think about increasing them in line with inflation - or in line with the % increase in base pay.

Ok - so location pay might be kept for London - but I can see it being phased out elsewhere - because base pay - increasing by 6-8% each year - will soon be seen as enough on its own - and in theory, other non-retail jobs (or other jobs maybe without the need to work unsociable hours) will all be at the same wage - so less "competition" for Tesco attracting staff.

I guess night premiums might remain at their current level for a while - but if more and more stores are "losing" night shifts, then that will save money on those premiums.

And we all know that inevitably, Sunday/BH premiums are surely going to be culled within the next two years (if not within a few months).

Let's just hope Tesco don't flannel wash us with "it's what we asked for, it's a simple single pay rate for everyone - no confusion - etc." - whatever they do, they'll still make the payslips really difficult to understand so no-one will really know if they've been paid correctly or not.

But keep smiling - at least we have a job!


To be fair, They started using that line at the tail end of Dave Lewis's premiership, I haven't heard a different narrative since.

And yes, you're right about the premiums and traditionally average low/mid paying roles losing their differentials in pay to floor positions. It will be as seems to be the norm the middle that pays for it at the benefit of the top and bottom roles.


Quote from: fatlad on 23-01-23, 10:20AMWhat are the cost zero benefits?

Second card to family not living with you , increased life insurance via premium etc - doesn`t cost the company anything


They will be removing something either premium or either nights shift or reducing them. Tesco want to save 1 billion this year and next year.  I believe it will be managers who they will cut down and also changes in small Tesco.


Schedule to workload when fully implemented should save the company millions in payroll.

All those colleagues whose hours don't reflect the heat map on their department  will be moved to Fill shortages elsewhere in store massively reducing need for OT. And as heat maps often under estimate time needed for tasks that will be a lot of hours saved.

Also feel areas not covered by serve/pick/Fill training (stock/pi/bakery/counters/wages/admin) might not survive in their current form for much longer.


Heat map is a joke.

We are a dot com store picking from 4am yet the heat map says no one from produce should be in until 6am. same as dairy.    so you have to over rule the nonsense from head office about hours in the right place etc. 


@madness why do they need to be in at 4?
Tesco Finest Karma,best served bent over💩


I should have clarified we are a early morning fill and night store fill. Grocery at night fresh delivery in the morning.


Maybe with new contract, if dot com over hours in morning, they'll slot into that with fill training.
Tesco Finest Karma,best served bent over💩


Quote from: madness on 25-01-23, 08:50PMHeat map is a joke.

We are a dot com store picking from 4am yet the heat map says no one from produce should be in until 6am. same as dairy.    so you have to over rule the nonsense from head office about hours in the right place etc. 
No, you go by the heatmap and let the results show... head office have no chance of learning if you bypass the system.


Asda now removing nights from supermarket soon tesco will be doing the same. Tesco wants to save billions so it will happen soon.


"Asda said the changes would also affect 4,137 hourly-paid workers as their shift patterns would also move to the daytime, resulting in the loss of their night shift pay premium of at least £2.52 per hour for restocking goods such as frozen food, tins and pasta."

Do news outlets (in this case, Sky) really think the public are so stupid that they need examples of what shelf fillers actually fill up!!

Night premium of at least £2.52

That beats Tesco's efforts of "at most" £2.30


10 years ago or so, I think Tesco had the best night premium rates going, it has been a sad state of affairs since 2015, never being raised and infact less than what it was then.

Would be interesting to see if anyone legally challenges Asda, as the movement from nights to day hours is not a reasonable change and would legally require redundancy to be offered if they refuse to move of their own accord.


Didn't Asda just go through a whole - "sign this new contract and look for a new job" process and basically get away with it?

Based on that, hard to see how any sort of "redundancy" situation might apply here either?


I must be getting old when I referred to Asda "just" going through that process - it was more than three years ago!!

And here's why they can do it:


Asda are moving shift patterns not necessarily the staff.


If you look on the government websites regarding redundancy,  nights to days is seen as an unreasonable adjustment and would therefore, need to be redundant process. People on nights just calm down.


However unless you have a good length of service redundancy for many night workers will not be a good outcome. With the trend amongst supermarkets to end night working finding alternative night work could also be a issue.


There's a rumour that the Sunday Premium will be cut back to only those who are contracted Sundays. If that is true then no one who worked  for Tesco prior to last Summer's first Sunday wage change are going to do overtime.


This was said about Saturdays, back in the day. It's retail, it's just another day. Saturday was a premium paid day to full timers back in the days when we had loads of full timers. They lost this. Sunday was once double time to all, we lost this. We can still fill Sundays, it may not be easy but no matter how much they pay for a Sunday it has never been easy.


Plus in times when many are financially struggling, people are less likely to turn down Sunday OT. In reality 6hrs OT at time isn't that much less than 6hrs at 1.25 pay, once tax/NI/pensions etc are deducted.


Quote from: Mikoo on 27-01-23, 09:23AMThere's a rumour that the Sunday Premium will be cut back to only those who are contracted Sundays. If that is true then no one who worked  for Tesco prior to last Summer's first Sunday wage change are going to do overtime.

where do these rumours emanate from?

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