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BWS H&B and Frozen moving to days?

Started by btblackbird, 16-08-21, 09:24AM

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Hi all just wondering if anyone knows if BWS H&B and Frozen are still moving to days, last rumour i heard was it was happening end of August for BWS is this the case for all or just BWS.


I wouldn't listen to rumours if I was you.

When/if it happens you will find out.



We've already moved them to days ,I thought all stores were the same


our store manager said only yesterday again that it is not happening in our store due to .com availability


The thing is they wont tell you even if they knew which I dont believe they do they are not privy to decisions made at head office.

Elmer Fudd

Our store is due to start trialling in but only for H+B

lucky 456

We have also been told to stop listening to rumours and definitely not happing due to dot. Com availability and apparently it's based on store takings?? We are a large extra with busy


Our night shift was told the same thing right up to the meeting where they got told they were being made redundant.

General Thorn

So sorry to hijack but I really can't see how to start a new post. I know under 18s can serve alcohol with an over 18 verifying but can they work in bws aisle?


Haven't heard a thing in our store, ours have always been on nights? I do health and beauty on nights and didn't know this was a thing?


Quote from: General Thorn on 01-09-21, 01:21PM
So sorry to hijack but I really can't see how to start a new post. I know under 18s can serve alcohol with an over 18 verifying but can they work in bws aisle?

The age restriction just prohibits them from selling age restricted products (without approval), not filling them on the shelf.


Any help appreciated

Have h&b staff who moved from nights to days due to the restructure had thier pay protected?

Thanks in advance for any help


Our bws moving onto day fill,which makes sense as they have to man it against theft anyway i suppose health and beauty seems a similar prospect,i think our bws person just offered hours on another area on nights,we still have a security guard and checkout operator in limbo for 8 months while they decide whats happening with over night opening hours
Tesco Finest Karma,best served bent over💩


All 24 hour opening has been scrapped, this was announced last Monday, so your checkout operator and guard(if Tesco not agency) should have been briefed this on their first shift in.
They won't be stuck in limbo for 8 months as from week 1 the new store opening hours kick in, and any hours for 24hr opening will have been removed from the stores budget.
I suggest they see the SM immediately if not been briefed by now.


So the stores which were open 24h which stopped 'due to Covid' are now officially never returning?


That is correct. These stores will probably open for a few nights before Xmas , that will be the only exception!


My local store is closed to customers during the night but you get lots of frustrated customers turning up thinking its open because they have still not got rid of the open 24 hours signage.  oh well back to smoking out the front because the SM won't be around and neither should customers. >:D


We lost overnight trading nearly six years ago I think and have only opened 24 hours since a few days before Christmas. Not that it's helped anyone with late deliveries and trying to keep out of the handful of customers' way.

Prince of Darkness

Quote from: Beanny on 09-02-22, 12:19PM
That is correct. These stores will probably open for a few nights before Xmas , that will be the only exception!
A total waste of time last Christmas. We had three staff on C/O overnight. Their purchases of Red Bull probably accounted for 90% of the sales between 00.00 and 06.00.


we had 2 full timers at night filling w&s one did mon-fri,the other did wed-sun,so they overlapped the busy part of the week,they used to fill the aisle,deal with their own waste/reductions and help on fresh if they finished filling the aisle before the end of their shifts,now it's going to twilight they want one person 6pm-midnight 7 days a week!


Ours went to days last year but ended back on nights because days couldn't cope, so now they are taking all off nights that out lol


Our store is now advertising twilight hours. They need two full timers and one part timer.
We have only 9 shifts (nights) contracted to cover both aisles. Remaing shifts are being covered by - mix of OT, team fill, delivery only, leaving other asiles unworked etc.
Looking only at contracted hours, new system will not save any money.
Not mentioning the fact that our store is 400 hours over and they want more hours.
I do not belive that twilight fill will reduce theft as thiefs can take stuff to other aisles and detag bottles over there.


Tesco is a sinking ship, if the degradation in pay and conditions hasn't been indicative of such in the past 8 years then the coming cuts and p**s taking will be, best jump ship while you all can, Everywhere but Icelands pays more atm.


And yet a long time after you have left the company you can't seem to let go.

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