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Welcome 2002 - 2024, is not a Tesco staff forum !
It is an independent forum for Tesco staff (and interested parties).

Do You Know..

that drivers' medicals are paid for up to a max of £90 to the age of 65.

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I'm looking for advice regarding dignity at work, I had a bust up with someone and called them a f*#*ing as*#ole, this happened in mid May and I was sat down regarding this today. Is that the correct procedure regarding this??


just heard that regional people partners - the ones above the ones you see in store - are being culled. They are being given redundancy.
If any of them read this, I would like to thank you for all your support when our jobs went. What goes around comes


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Hi,I'm due back on Monday after isolating due to being covid positive, do I need to do another test before I go back? I've got a pack of lateral flow tests so that's not a problem.


OK but confused. My colleagues said they feel sorry for me. As I'm only. Contracted to 7 hours so that means I won't get sick pay when I was off work.

But my manager (although great person, often makes mistakes so not sure to believe it now) said I get


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I'm concerned about how Tesco will comply with this new law. Will it be a wedge to force the Jab on Dot com drivers or will they find a compromise?

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