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Hi, our store and is over-hours and everyone that leaves is never replaced. The department I work on is paper thin. I have my contracted shifts which I do, and they are needed, but during right hours, right place can your manager contract you to a day which is not in your availability window? Read More

I am sick of our contract & working conditions constantly being degraded. There is a huge amount of bad feeling on the shop floor over the new contracts that have been approved on our behalf by USDAW.

The collective bargaining agreement allows USDAW to legally do this. At this point it seems they will green-light whatever Tesco asks of them. It is becoming apparent, that they are no longer representing the best interests of the Tesco workers who are paying them. Read More


Just wanted to share the new guidelines that have been sent down by the union if anyone missed them.

I and the others in the meeting when we went for the pay review briefing by the senior team that you had to fill in a new availability form we were told


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I really don't want to say much because people (including myself) can get into trouble. I'm the type of person who just wants to work and get on with my job and go home, without politics and bureaucracy and manipulation but there we are.


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Hi all just asking for a friend, what can be done or who should be contacted if someone is being bullied and intimidated by fellow colleagues and management are not dealing with the matter? Thank you

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