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Getting a new contract!


A colleague has a 24 hour contract. On Mondays she is contracted to work 10-3 but has worked 10-5 for nearly 8 months now. She has asked if those extra 2 hours could be made permanent but was told no as they’ll soon be offered to xmas temps and the needs of business quote was used as usual. What route can she go here, she was told that she may have a case due to customs and practice. Any advice is welcomed, thanks.


If it was bad teaching people partners about custom and practice I dread to think what it'll be like trying to teach it to actual managers.
I'd reckon on better chances teaching astral physics to chickens, after KFC have had their way with them.

Now whether it used to be part of the partnership agreement years ago, which has been removed along with others eroded in time, but the old timers always quoted a 2 year rule?? In that if you have done the same non contracted shifts, unbroken, for 2 or more years, then you could claim those hours as contract?


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