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In our store lately there have been a massive increase in let's talks by duty managers over petty things like being parked in a lay by for 10/15 minutes due to getting ahead on deliveries.
All these different managers are checking van data but are they allowed to?
Surely like everything else as it's data it's protected under The Data Protection Act and access to it is restricted?

Managers need all the drivers they can get in the current economic climate, driving them away with lets talks would be like the turkeys voting for christmas I would have thought.

Oh they are!
They are trying to put us in our place as we're refusing to do extras in the evenings as we rarely have the time to do them and they're expecting us to just work overtime and get them done. No asking just demanding so it's gone down like a lead balloon.
That's why I'm asking about who is actually entitled to have access to our van data.

Only if the company has not registered usage of the van data for the purpose described.

Given the alternative to parking up is delivering early which has been a recent issue at our place it is a Catch 22 situation.  What are they suggesting you do instead which would be acceptable to them?

As for extras, if you run out of time then bring them back and dump the problem on the Duty Manager to deal with, clock out and forget about it.

It came out this morning that it's the lead Dot com manager sitting at home on their personal laptop/phone logging in and checking up on the drivers.
Apart from being a sad thing to do surly this can't be right? Using it for performance checking rather than safety.


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