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Sorry if already a thread but I have to sign new contract tonight apparently to say I can work in all areas of the shop.
I can and do but worrying that my job as merchandiser and also any chance of redundancy is taken away.
Does anyone else have these


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Be honest, have you suffered unfair treatment from a manager ?

Not treated the same as others, been 'picked on', expected to do more than others or had treatment which you knew they knew was out of process but they persisted !

We have been toldthat once the new app is live we will have a new my shift telling you where you will be and how long you have to do your job and already have been told the replenishment at night job per person will increase 50% approx from one isle to...

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Can you appeal an annual review? A colleague has got a "miss" on their review but some of the stuff the manager is saying is utter rubbish. There's so much backstabbing on our dept it's scary.


I (after waiting a month for a rep) had an AR yesterday. My boss gave me a first warning. I was okay with it at first, like, whatever, but since then I've given it a lot of thought. My percentage was over 5%, and it was for 4 days of absence (one when


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