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it is strongly advised that you keep a copy of all holiday request forms.

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I see it has been reported that Iceland are helping their staff by increasing the staff discount from 10 to 15% to help out with increasing prices, wonder if our illustrious company will keep it at 15% during the crisis.

We have rumours going around that staff are smoking drugs in designated smoking areas is this allowed even for personal use.


That tesco bank pet insurance ad is possibly one of the most torturous things I've ever heard.
Plays every 30 minutes.
Started off as cringe and now it's just plain annoying.
The thing is, it only gets in the head of colleagues as the customers don't have


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ok, im trying to understand my payslip as my payslip does not add up to what my calculator says i get!

it says:

Basic Pay: (here it has my normal pay without overtime or bank holiday rates)

Overtime and premium:
Bank holiday overtime DAY: £89.53
Bank Holiday


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I am just about fed up with being pesterered on self service tills to round up my shopping , the buttons for yes and no are close togetherand a few times i have hit yes sometimes i get someone to cancel other times i have let it go, are other customers...

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