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Author Topic: End of year results. Hope that's not bad news on the job front.  (Read 8472 times)


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Forgive me, but I'm still none the wiser. Grape jam? 


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Forgive me, but I'm still none the wiser. Grape jam? 
No, don't jam grapes in the trays side ways as it damages the fruit.
i dont have an attitude problem you have a perception problem!


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Well not the best of results for the end if the year. I hope after all the hard work we have all put in they don't start making 1000s redundant. But this is tesco
Despite all the 'progress' made during Dave's tenure, according the the end of year report 2020 Tesco (just in the UK & ROI) employed 15,000 less full-time equivalents than it did in 2016. Given that most jobs are not full time, that's a lot of part timers gone and not replaced - the equivalent of 2 whole SD groups of people gone in 4 years. Ken is carrying on with the cuts and restructures so I wouldn't hold your breath. I appreciate that correlation does not equal causation although as job losses at Tesco have increased so have profitability, bonuses and CEO renumeration - it's almost like job losses are incentivised at this point.


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The cuts will never stop.

Team support screwed this year
Team managers getting screwed at some point
Store managers will have to be in the line of fire soon as well
If the cuts were actually for the greater good and saved jobs in the long run it would be bad but could understand. But for the cuts just to be for profit reasons is wrong, with no job security why would any colleague at any level rally invest themselves into the success of the busines?


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The cuts should be underpinned by new responsibilities and accountabilities, the TM restructure makes sense as Shift Leaders are essentially the same thing and cheaper, in fact, it would make more sense for TMs to replace Lead managees and Shift Leaders to replace duties of Team Managers.

Store Managers will be a bit more tricky, in Express you can get away with cluster managers for a bunch of cat 1's or maybe low taking cat 2's, but for anything above, it won't work as the business requirements will have time forecasted for each aspect of the role, SMs being clustered won't meet those hours for each store so can't be fulfilled unless they bring back Deputies and have SMs on cluster arrangement.


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Since this went live on the 12th we have not seen any manager on the shop floor they all stay in the back in one of the rooms there. Must be nice to be able to sit and swing your legs all day knowing you dont have to venture out onto the shop floor ever.


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It went live on the 12th?? News to me 😂


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Perhaps some of them should read their own Role Packs?!

What shouldn't I be doing? Spending majority of time in an office, working only fixed
shifts & only interacting with own operational area team.

Actually, reading through it, some of them in our store have been doing what they shouldn't have before this kicked in.

Another  :D: and being dismissive or uninterested in colleague/customer issues. So if Boris is upset because he can't purchase his favourite biscuits they'll probably do something about it. Us, being spoken to like something they've trodden in... "not my problem!"

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I can understand the change, not saying I'm for it or against it but can understand them.
What I do think is wrong though is how they can justify team support taking on extra responsibilities (including duty role) and for some this is for less money but yet management get to have less responsibility but keep same wage.

A lot of managers in my store have been getting away with not doing there job properly for years now all of a sudden there's talk of if they don't do it going forward there out the door.  What difference does April 13th have to how a manager should do there job (and since that date has passed there has been no difference in managers attitude so still getting away with not doing there job correctly)

The ones being punished in this change are team support and colleagues. Management and above are as usual, not touched