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Author Topic: Problem trying join Cycle2Work scheme  (Read 2340 times)


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Problem trying join Cycle2Work scheme
« on: 15-12-20, 09:40PM »
I'm trying to sign up to the cycle to work scheme but when I fill out the online eligibility form I get this message.

We're sorry, your cycle to work application cannot be accepted at this time.
As using the Cycle to Work will take your salary below your employer's minimum wage allowance, we're unable to process your application.

I'm a store worker and work 36.5hrs a week so I'm a bit confused as to why I'm being rejected.
I've asked a few different managers including senior team and the store manager if they could help but they were as bewildered as myself.

I can't see a contact number for any queries on this particular issue and our store doesn't have it's own HR so I've hit a brick wall with how I go about finding out the reason why.

Has anyone else had this issue recently?


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Re: Problem trying join Cycle2Work scheme
« Reply #1 on: 15-12-20, 10:23PM »
If you're a ca, your wage is £9.30 an hour, if you pay into a pension, provided you didn't alter the default amount, you pay 4.9% of your wages into it, 4.9% of £9.30 is 45.57p, the national living wage is £8.72.

In short, there are restrictions in place on what an employer can deduct from your wages if it brings your average earnings from hours worked to below minimum wage, i think pension contributions are one of the exceptions, but how they process it matters in that regard. I'd imagine similar restrictions apply to the cycle to work scheme.

Alvor the grear

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Re: Problem trying join Cycle2Work scheme
« Reply #2 on: 16-12-20, 03:17PM »
I looked at joining the cycle to work scheme as we have posters on the wall in our staff canteen advertising this staff benefit. I filled out the online form to be told I was ineligible ( I'm a customer assistant contracted for 30hrs) I too am in the pension. So even after last months payrise I dont think any ca could participate in the sceme?? How tesco can list this as a staff benefit in ca job vacancies is laughable.


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Re: Problem trying join Cycle2Work scheme
« Reply #3 on: 16-12-20, 09:31PM »
Tesco just look good with all that yapping about perkse you can apply for. But with our low wages you can't get help. Sick world.
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Re: Problem trying join Cycle2Work scheme
« Reply #4 on: 06-01-21, 08:51PM »
This is a crazy anomaly in the benefits system really that those that would need it most are ineligible thanks to the way the minimum wage is been interpreted against taxable pay only, as the savings are deducted pre tax your taxable earnings fall bellow the level even though your actual earnings do not. This really is the kind of thing that USDAW should be campaigning to change through the government, it may be worth as many colleagues as possible raising this issue with your reps to try and get the Union started on doing something to actually help members.